Video: This Circus Shot Decided The Wisconsin Men’s Basketball State Title

The kid who hit it will play for Wisconsin next year where he will learn the art of holding the ball until the last five seconds of the shot clock.


TCU Turned Downed The Chance To Open With Wisconsin Next Year In A Rematch Of The Rose Bowl

As a fan who’s been proud of TCU’s willingness to play any school, I was a little discouraged by this news.  We would have undoubtedly gotten crushed, which I’m sure was the school’s reasoning for declining the game.  TCU graduated its most successful class of football players in school history this year.  The seniors were apart of more wins than any group in the history of the program.  Despite all that though, you’d think TCU would welcome the chance to play a big school after several big schools (see: Texas Tech) cancelled games in recent years due to the Frog’s success of late.  From the Big 1070 in Wisconsin:

Badger football coach Bret Bielema says he’s “frustrated” with recruiting violations this year. Bielema appearing on “The Mike Heller Show” says he saw “some things happen that were very clear and very evident.”  Bielema added “The people that do it the right way are fed up with it…I’m not in this profession to watch people do things the wrong way and get away with it, that’s for sure.”

So were the Badgers hurt in any way this year with a recruit? “I don’t think I’d be commenting unless I was involved with one,” Bielema told the show.

Bielema went on to add he thinks suspending coaches for secondary violations would help cut down on some of the cheating.  “You talk to a college football coach who only has 12 games, and you tell him that he’s going to sit 2, maybe 3, which is a third or a fourth of his season, you’ll get people’s attention in a hurry”

Bielema also told “The Mike Heller Show” Wednesday that he was approached about adding TCU to the Badgers schedule in a rematch of The Rose Bowl.

“I was contacted a week and half after the bowl game about the opportunity to play TCU in our opener,” Bielema told the show. “It was something that was going to be broadcast and made a big