Vikings Asking Fans To Shovel Out Stadium

You saw the Metrodome collapse.  The Vikings will now play the rest of their home games at the nearby University of Minnesota stadium.  From SB Nation:

The Minnesota Vikings are scheduled to host the Chicago Bears Monday night. Problem! Their stadium, the Metrodome, has a rather large hole in its roof. Solution! Host the game at TCF Bank Stadium, the home of the University of Minnesota football team! Problem! It’s an open-air stadium, and that same snow storm that damaged the Metrodome also dumped 17-inches on Minneapolis, and now there’s five-foot snowdrifts on the field. Solution! Offer to pay people $10-15/hour to literally work around the clock clearing the snow in a desperate effort to get TCF Bank Stadium ready in time … but then quickly decide you’re only taking volunteers instead!Worth noting: it’s currently about 20 degrees in Minneapolis, with a low tonight of zero.


So why haven’t the Vikings officially announced the move to TCF Bank Stadium? Besides it being covered in snow — with another 5-7 inches possible over the next couple of days — there is an avalanche of other problems

  • Snow removal will cost around $700,000 (covered by the NFL though)
  • TCH Bank Stadium seats 50,000 fans; 63,000 tickets have been sold. There’s apparently not even enough room for Vikings’ season ticket holders.
  • There are no beer taps installed at the concession stands of TCF Bank Stadium (college campus). Currently, there are only “discussions” of whether or not alcohol will be sold
  • The field is not heated, which causes concern for players’ safety
  • Monday’s high is 16 degrees

Volunteers will be welcomed beginning Thursday morning. Shovels are provided, “but volunteers are welcome to bring their own.”

Good luck!

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