Video: While Alex Morgan May Be The Hero, Megan Rapinoe Is The USWNT’s Best Player…And It’s Not Even Close

Check out these two ridiculous goals she netted yesterday. First up is the rare corner kick goal known as an Olímpico:

Second was this absurd equalizer from the top of the box. Maybe three females in the whole world possess the ability to hit shit shot, much less when their team needed it most:


Good Morning Generation

Devastating loss yesterday.  The US women seemed to do everything right, save two distinct moments where they slipped up, and Japan made them pay both times.  I personally won’t dwell on the result much longer than this morning and I generally think that will be the case for most people my age.  What I can’t help but wonder about though is the impact, or perhaps lack of impact, that result will have on a very young generation of female soccer fans.  I personally witnessed the dramatic aftershock