#Wizards Owner Promises To Do The #Dougie If Washington Sells Out A Home Game

He wrote it in a recent blog post from his website:

“Remember when I preached that the Washington Capitals were like a growth stock? Get in early like you did on AOL, Google and Microsoft stock? Now we are totally sold out with a waiting list. Bad times became good times. The people that believed were rewarded.

I am here to tell you that about the Washington Wizards. Buy your tickets now, please. Sign up for season tickets. Get in early and own your seats. We will continue to invest in the team and improve the team. We will have star power. We will have an arc of growth. Get in early. See our own home grown and developed stars grow up before your very eyes.

Sorry, I had to get up on a soap box. We need your help. We play this Saturday night. We need and want you to be in attendance. The team plays better in front of a sold out building. Come support the team. Click here. Off of soap box now.

When we have a total paid sellout this season, I will do the ‘Dougie’ – I promise.”

God the roof will probably fall down when this finally does occur.  If I was him, I’d do it coordinate some simultaneous dance with Wall or have Wall come out to save the day and make the crowd roar after he inevitably proves his whiteness as a dancer.  It’s an exciting time to be a fan of the Washington teams with Strasburg, Ovechkin, and now John Wall all there.

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Your Jeremy Lin Update Of The Day Doubling As Video Of Golden State Hazing Rookies By Making Them Do The Dougie

This is way too good.  The Warriors are on my short list of must-watch teams this year along with the Heat, Kings, Thunder, Bulls, Wizards, and Bucks (Nuggets too, of course).  The Clippers might find their way in there too if Blake Griffin comes back healthy and plays up to his potential.

Teach me how to Dougie!