Good Morning Generation

Going to keep this short as I’ll have a Paterno column later today. My thoughts on each of yesterday’s games are as follows.

The New England Patriots cannot be confident going into the Super Bowl against the Giants. In my eyes, they played horribly yesterday, only winning because the Ravens just so happened to have two unforgivable brain farts of epic proportions on back-to-back plays. Their defense will likely get torched by the Giants’ dynamic trio of Cruz-Nicks-Manningham and I don’t expect Vincent Wilfork to have consecutive games of his life either.  Also: if Brady wets his pants like that against the G-Men’s defense, it ain’t gonna be pretty.  One positive note though: the Law Firm looked great at running back yesterday and could be a nice change of pace for an offense that all too often relies solely on the quarterback.

My only thoughts on the NFC title game are that the Giants special teams coach deserves a medal from the state of New York (New Jersey?) this morning.  I’m not sure how many of you noticed, but when the game was especially tight and it was clear one play was going to decide the football game, that Giants coach gave his return man Aaron Ross specific orders to fall down on every punt return before he was tackled, thus avoiding any contact.  I have no idea why the 49ers coach didn’t order the same from his guy, most especially after that idiot muffed his first punt that gave the Giants a score.  Both of those teams deserved to go to the Super Bowl and in a game that close, it’s all about mitigating risk as much as possible.  Hats off to the Giants for doing a much better job of it.

Generation Y, where we still have yet to watch a full college basketball game, and it will stay that way until March.


Let’s Re-Live That Ronnie Brown Goal Line Fumble/Pass Attempt

Read below for a running diary…

:01 – The Eagles have a chance to really blow open the game in the first half. A touchdown here likely would have ended the game before it ever had a chance to get started.

:03 – Vick snaps the ball and right guard Kyle DeVan (#68) attempts to pull from the weak side to block for Brown. He trips instead providing a huge lane for Parys Haralson (#98) to fly through the line and break up the play.

:04 – As he’s getting spun to the ground, brown spies fullback Owen Schmitt (#32) to his left side and cocks his arm back.

:04.32 – Wait a second…

:04.68 – He’s not really going to…

:4.95 – Yes, yes he did. Ronnie Brown attempts to throw the ball to Schmitt.

:05.01 – The ball is out.

:06 – The 49ers recover.

:09 to :15 – The Eagles linemen start to collect themselves, coming to the realization that yes, in fact, Ronnie Brown did try to throw the ball while in the midst of being spun to the ground in a 360 degree motion.

:16 – Brown races to the sideline imploring Andy Reid to throw the challenge flag, giving a mock throwing motion as he does so.

:17 to :19.94 – Poor Mike Vick says the ball was down for an incomplete pass, not yet realizing that he will have to answer for the brainfarts of his teammates later at a press conference.

:25 – The head ref informs Ronnie Brown, “why yes, you did just cough up the ball on the goal line.”

:29 – Andy Reid is not really about to oblige Ronnie Brown’s request for a challenge, is he?

:30 – A red object appearing to be the challenge flag is spotted in Reid’s right hand.

:31 to :36 – Fox cuts to a replay of this latest Eagles catastrophe.

:37 to :40 – During the replay you can see Vick having an epic “WTF?!” body language shrug/shake of the head.

:43 – It’s official: Philly is challenging the ruling on the field of a fumble.

:44 to end – More awesome views of Ronnie Brown making a fool of himself on national television.


Did Mike Singletary Snub Falcons Head Coach Of A Handshake?

That’s what CBS Sports is saying after the 49ers head coach reportedly failed to make it to center field after his team’s devastating loss this past week.  Chalk it up to whatever you want (the Falcons supposedly ran up the score last year when the teams met), but Singletary blew it, yet again, if this is all true. 

From CBS Sports, “You might not want to get San Francisco 49ers coach Mike Singletary and Atlanta Falcons coach Mike Smith at the same dinner table.  Singletary didn’t shake Smith’s hand after the Falcons’ 16-14 victory over the 49ers Sunday at the Georgia Dome, according to a league source.  Smith went to the center of the field to look for Singletary and never saw him. That’s because Singletary didn’t show.  Yes, it was a tough loss. Yes, his team is now 0-4 and Singletary’s job is on the line. But the rule is — unless, of course you’re Bill Belichick and you write your own rules — is you always shake the winning coach’s hand.  Whether it’s an outdated tradition or not, it’s the way it is. Not shaking Smith’s hand speaks volumes about Singletary.  Is there is a reason? Did he think Smith ran it up when the Falcons blew out the 49ers last year at their place?  We’ll find out. But, for now, it looks like a classless act.”

[CBS Sports]


Fantasy Radar: Michael Crabtree

You’d expect that after holding out for a third of the 2009 campaign, teammates and coaches would pretty much outcast and dislike former Texas Tech star WR Michael Crabtree.  That’s not the case.  Michael Silver did an excellent profile on the young wideout for Yahoo! Sports and it seems as though he might be on the cusp of superstardom.  “’He was away forever,’ Niners tackle Joe Staley(notes) recalled, ‘and some guys were expecting him to be out of shape and not really know the playbook. But the dude came in and balled, and he knew [his assignments]. It was evident right away why he was [considered] the best receiver in the draft. He’s an intelligent guy, a good kid, and he made his mark right away.’  Crabtree also impressed a somewhat skeptical Singletary, who had spoken to the player ‘a couple of times’ during the protracted standoff.”  Your fantasy football draft is no doubt around the corner.  You might be wise to spend an early sleeper pick on him [Yahoo! Sports]