Here’s A Roundup Of Junior Seau Reaction Columns

Andrew Sharp compares religion and football to try to understand this tragedy [SB Nation]

Josh Levin says the discussion of the NFL goes in only one direction now: player health [Slate]

Dr. Ali Mohamadi describes in detail what the medical community knows about CTE in former players [SB Nation]

Mike Silver remembers Junior Seau, the beloved man, player, and teammate [Yahoo! Sports]

Jon Bois delves into why athlete’s deaths are different [SB Nation]

A Marine Captain wrote in to Deadspin to tell of his memorable chance encounter with Seau last year, and a heart-warming side of the player that most of us never knew [Deadspin]

Chris Jones implores us to make great efforts towards helping those who are alive and suffering now [Esquire]


Video: It Was A Great Weekend For Highlight Goals In Soccer

First up, Kyle Walker for Tottenham in the Premier League:

WALKER-FREE-KICK by bubbaprog

Next is Young-Pyo Lee for Vancouver in MLS:

And finally Luis Suarez completed a hat trick for Liverpool with an insanely long and nearly insultingly ambitious shot:

herp by bubbaprog


Today’s Jeremy Lin Roundup

Brian Windhorst says the Heat made it a point to not let Lin have a good game – [ESPN]

Linda Robertson says the Heat’s ferocious defense was too much for Lin – [Miami Herald]

People reports that Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow have had conversations in the past couple weeks – [People]

Bomani Jones says the onus is on Mike D’Antoni and Jeremy Lin to find a way to make Carmelo shine – [SB Nation]

Ian Thomsen has a great recap of last night’s game – [Sports Illustrated]

Sebastian Pruiti has a great technical breakdown of how to guard the Knicks pick-and-roll with Lin – [Grantland]

Today’s tabloid covers weren’t kind to Jeremy – [NY Daily News & NY Post courtesy Jimmy Traina]

Barry Petchesky hints that the Heat’s defense might be an all-time great collection of talent – [Deadspin]


Today’s Jeremy Lin Roundup

Mike Vaccaro unearths the nugget of the year from Udonis Haslem explaining how Lin actually had a prayer answered (MUST-READ) – [New York Post]

This writer says the explanation of the fired ESPN headline writer is selfish and manipulative – [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

Wired explains why Jeremy Lin is so popular among nerds and geeks [Wired]

Nike re-negotiated Lin’s deal and you  can expect him to be heavily marketed in the coming year, especially in Asia – [New York Daily News]

Joseph Goodman has a preview of tonight’s much anticipated Knicks-Heat matchup – [Miami Herald]

Beckley Mason describes an interesting phenomenon arising in pickup basketball games and what it means in a broader context – [Hoopspeak]


Today’s Jeremy Lin Roundup

SI’s media critic Richard Deitsch weighs in on the racism controversies of ESPN and Fox Sports, respectively – [Sports Illustrated]

UFC’s Dana White decided to give his opinion on Floyd Mayweather’s comments about Lin – [Yahoo! Sports]

Jay Caspian Kang describes the reasons Lin is so important to the Asian-American community, even if it’s unfair to Jeremy – [Grantland]

Dave Zirin argues that America still has a long way to go with the discussion of race and ethnicity and Lin is helping to point that out – [The Nation]

Former rapper Luther Campbell (aka Uncle Luke of University of Miami fame) has some hilarious advice for Jeremy Lin – [Miami New-Times]

Lin grabbed another SI cover story – [Sports Illustrated]

The Harvard newspaper chatted with Lin’s two best friends from college about his time there and how he’s dealing with everything now – [The Harvard Crimson]


And This Is Today’s Jeremy Lin Roundup

Mike Wise says Lin is helping to educate America about the racial stereotypes that were often overlooked with Asians in this country – [Washington Post]

Deron Williams admits to Adrian Wojnarowski that he definitely made it a point to destroy Lin last night [Yahoo! Sports]

Gilbert Arenas (!) talks about his friendship with Jeremy and how he destroyed him at the All-Warrior game [SI]

Zach Lowe has a must-read breakdown on how potentially dangerous the Knicks offense can be based on last night’s game, even though New York came up way short of their potential – [The Point Forward]

Bethlehem Shoals says Lin has to figure out how to utilize Anthony in Mike D’Antoni’s offense – [GQ]

Charles Pierce wishes people would stop turning Lin into whatever they want him to be and just let him play – [Grantland]


Today’s Roundup Of Jeremy Lin Articles

Lin made a public plea to the Taiwanese media to leave his family alone – [Yahoo! Sports]

Howard Beck has a terrific recap of yesterday’s win over the Mavericks – [New York Times]

Mike Vaccaro can see the pieces coming together on this Knicks team – [New York Post]

Bomani Jones says it’s on Lin to figure out how to get Carmelo involved – [SB Nation]

The ESPN editor who posted the offensive headline last week explains himself – [New York Daily News]

The basketball ombudsman Adrian Wojnarowski weighs in on the debate of whether Lin is exceptionally talented or the beneficiary of the system the Knicks run – [Yahoo! Sports]

I think it’s safe to say Joe Posnanski is tired of the Lin puns – [SI]

Ken Berger discusses how Lin is taking advantage of Mike D’Antoni’s system – [CBS Sports]


Here’s Today’s Roundup Of Jeremy Lin Links

A reporter caught up with Fernando Valenzuela, perhaps the only person alive who can relate to what Lin is going through right now [Mercury-News]

Buzz Bissinger points out, rather sarcastically, what Jeremy Lin hasn’t done – [The Daily Beast]

Gregg Doyel says Lin should be in the All-Star Game – [CBS Sports]

Ben Cohen describes how New Yorkers are tuning in to the radio in record numbers because of the Time Warner/MSG dispute – [Wall Street Journal]

Kevin Pelton, one of my favorite NBA stat geeks, explains why Lin’s turnovers aren’t really a big deal – [Basketball Prospectus]

Zach Lowe breaks down the x’s and o’s of the Knicks offense including how dangerous they’ll be with Carmelo back – [Sports Illustrated]

Kevin Clark details a recent phenomenon: former Ivy League players bragging about when they schooled Lin during his Harvard days – [Wall Street Journal]

Rembert Browne has an intelligent discussion about race and Lin using the Williams sisters and Floyd Mayweather’s controversial tweet to provide context – [Grantland]


Here’s Today’s Jeremy Lin Roundup

Jeremy’s former college teammate gives a refreshingly honest take about what it was like watching Linsanity take over at Harvard – [ESPN]

Jonah Lehrer reminds us that scouts really have no clue what they’re doing when it comes to evaluating talent – [Wired]

Andrew Sharp urges us to remember these moments forever, even if they don’t last – [SB Nation]

A reporter caught up with Jeremy’s grandmother and uncle who reside in Taiwan.  They discuss the complex task of figuring out Jeremy’s cultural identity as well – [New York Times]

Jon Bois has a simple breakdown of what Lin is doing, both good and bad – [SB Nation]

Bill Simmons has an all Lin mailbag – [Grantland]

Yao Ming has Linsanity – []

Read about Lin’s agent who was just as unknown as his player a few weeks ago [Spurs Nation]

Meet the numbers cruncher who predicted Lin’s success two years ago [Wall Street Journal]


Today’s Roundup Of Jeremy Lin Articles

Basketball’s ombudsmen, Adrian Wojnarowski, weighs in Lin’s latest achievement – [Yahoo! Sports]

Bruce Arthur discusses the magic of Lin’s rise – [The National Post]

Jason Whitlock responds with a column about Lin’s success and his own controversial tweet this past weekend – [Fox Sports]

Buzz Bissinger wants us all to calm down about Lin until we have a bigger sample size [The Daily Beast]

Rick Reilly has the most Rick Reilly article ever about Lin [ESPN]

Gregg Doyel wonders how everybody missed Lin [CBS Sports]

Holly MacKenzie takes you into the Knicks locker room following last night’s game [Yahoo! Sports]


A Collection Of The Latest Jeremy Lin Articles

The story of how Lin wasn’t recruited out of high school – [New York Times]

A recap from the 2006 California high school state championship game in which Lin orchestrated one of the biggest upsets in that state’s history – [LA Times]

The New Yorker (!) recaps his incredible game against the Lakers – [The New Yorker]

The impact of Jeremy Lin on Asian-Americans – [New York Times]

How Jeremy Lin is reinventing the definition of success for Asian Americans – [Hardwood Paroxysm]


Today’s Collection Of Columns On The Penn State Scandal

Maureen Down wonders if Paterno realizes how many children look up to him – National Post

The Penn State trustees vow swift and decisive action for this outrage – Patriot-News

Gregg Doyel, who was at Paterno’s house all day yesterday, chronicles the bizarre Penn State supporters who don’t get what is at stake here – CBS Sports 

Susan Orlean shakes her head at what college football has become – The New Yorker

What happened to district attorney Ray Gricar, who knew of these allegations a decade ago but disappeared mysteriously in 2005? – New York Times 

Guide to staying a Penn State fan in the wake of this scandal – SB Nation

An open letter to Joe Paterno from Darren Rovell – CNBC

Clay Travis wonders why a caoch who would have been fired for giving a kid a car is still on campus for protecting a child molester – Outkick The Coverage

Bruce Hooley wonders how we got here as a society – ESPN Cleveland