This Tiki Barber Interview With Mike Francesa Today Is Golden

He appeared on Mike Francesa’s radio program this afternoon and delivered in much the same way you’d expect an arrogant non-apologist to act. Barber lives in some bizarro world that only he can understand, and don’t worry, he’ll try to explain it to you. Watch Francesa do what he does best, totally nailing Barber on the part about his NBC gig and creating gripping radio.

This has so much unintentional comedy weaved into it, even David Letterman was amazed. The best part? Tiki’s agent is so nervous about what’s going to go down that he demands to be on the line during the interview so he can attempt to save him from totally ruining what’s left of his horrible reputation. Please please please take a listen to this today.

For the Wire fans out there, is Tiki Barber not the real life version of Stringer Bell?


Erin Andrews Floats The Possibility Of Going On The Bachelorette

I think my girlfriend could finally convince me to watch the show from week to week if she ever made it on there. From Sports Radio Interviews:

Erin Andrews joined KNBR in San Francisco to talk about the NCAA Tournament, whether or not she would like to be the next “Bachelorette,” what she could bring to that show, and who she likes on this season’s Dancing with the Stars.

On what she thought of the Bachelor finale:

“Let’s have a conversation. I e-mailed my publicist in the middle of the show and I was like can you just get me on this thing or what? What are we doing?”

You want to be on the show:

“I’m not saying I want to be on there, but I mean I’m just wondering if I should do it? Should I just do it?”

Whether or not she has actually thought about it?

“I already had it all planned out. My publicist wrote me back right away. I had it all planned out. I don’t like cheesy lines and I don’t like people who are really stupid so I was thinking they could put really nerdy guys on and I could be like are you serious right now with that line. Then my dates wouldn’t be sky-diving or plummeting from buildings. We would go to batting practice and I would see if they could hold their own talking to some of these guys and if they were a total dork it would be like you’re done, you’re out.”

It might be the highest rated reality TV show of all time if they actually show her making out with the contestants.

[Sports Radio Interviews]


Justin Bieber Challenged ESPN’s Mike Greenberg To A Sports Challenge This Morning On Mike And Mike

I was listening to this on the way in to work.  To give you the back story, Mark Schlereth was filling in for Greenie on Monday and boasted to Golic how he had gone to see the Bieber movie over the weekend.  He apparently was so convincing that Golic went to see it this week and both were unashamed to admit their unanimous praise/love for the film.  Greenie in turn started bashing both of them and took it a step further by questioning whether Bieber’s music was any good.

Well it turns out Bieber is a huge sports fan and was listening to the show this morning with his manager so the latter called into the show and issued a challenge.  Bieber and Greenie are going to face off in a series of one-on-one match ups in soccer, hockey, golf, and basketball.  Bieber then came on the air to confirm the challenge and Greenie was forced to accept. 

Here’s what Bieber tweeted this morning about it:

issued Greeny a 4 sport challenge on @mikeandmike …he is in trouble…if I win he has to buy out a theatre of #NSN3D for everyone he knows

Gotta say I’m definitely a little impressed by the young star.  We’ll update you with the full audio later in the day when it comes out.



Ray Allen Discussed How The Celtics Handle Gambling And Debts Yesterday In A Radio Interview

This is pretty cool stuff.  Savor it before the NBA bans team gambling for all teams.  From the Sports Radio Interviews blog:

On whether he and his teammates play card games on the plane and have ever had any sort of incident like the one involving former teammate Tony Allen and O.J. Majo recently:

“Yeah, it’s tough because if you think about our schedule, we’re on the plane probably two or three hours, probably some of the most time of our time together is on a plane. You watch movies, you read, you play cards. … There’s so many things that you do to pass the time and cards is one of them. … Your competitive juices never turn off and it turns into playing cards. It all about the culture of the team you have. I would never try to fight one of my teammates.”

On people who think those games should be banned:

“It’s hard to really say. It takes a mature group of guys to be able to deal with a situation like that. There are cases that on some teams, that’s possibly something you should do, but for us, we have a mature group of guys. … We know how to take care of ourselves and be men and make sure that certain things don’t take place. We’re responsible for each other. There’s some teams that just aren’t capable.”

On how the Celtics handle things when someone is owed money:

“We just have a committee. We always talk about, you have this amount of time to pay your debt, whether it’s the next trip or whatever. So if you’re playing cards and you lose, everybody’s like, ‘You owe this dude that much money, you’ve got to pay him by the next time we get on the plane.’ It’s kind of like out of shame that we get guys to pay each other back. I, personally, stopped gambling.”

The public shaming method, although brutal, is the only way to handle the gambling/debt issue so full applause to the Celtics for having the wisdom to do so.  It’s been used at country clubs across America for years.

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Randy Moss May Have Gone On Tennessee Sports Radio Anonymously To Bash Coach Jeff Fisher

From Fanhouse:

A simple phone call Wednesday to a radio show I co-host in Nashville has sparked a controversy: Did Titans wideout Randy Moss dial in and blast Jeff Fisher, or was it someone who sounded exactly like the Pro Bowler?Tennessee Titans or Fisher on that day, but “Woody” wanted to discuss Fisher’s future with the Titans. It was only after “Woody,” whose comments were terse and pointed, hung up that another caller noted how much “Woody” sounds like Moss.You can listen for yourself. (The second part of the clip is a mix featuring Moss’ actual voice).

We received the call — I co-host a show on 104.5 The Zone with former Titan Blaine Bishop and Brent Dougherty — sometime after 2 p.m. Central time. The caller identified himself as “Woody.” We hadn’t been talking much about the

On-air, I ripped the second caller for his opinion. Thinking it would make the second caller look ridiculous, we went back over the previous call and replayed it. Much to our amazement, the similarity between Moss’ voice and Woody’s was eerie.

Immediately after the clip was played, Bishop, who played against Moss, exclaimed, “It’s him! I know it!” After listening to the distinctive way that the caller and Moss pronounce “Fisher,” I think it’s a decent argument as well. Of course, you have to balance that possibility with the sheer absurdity of Moss, who has barely spoken to the media in Nashville, calling in to an afternoon talk show and slamming his coach as “Woody.” In fact, that absurdity makes the entire premise so ridiculous that, either way, it’s a sign of how outlandish the 2010 Tennessee Titans season has become.

And, it sure does sound like him doesn’t it?

Here’s the clip, judge for yourself.  It wouldn’t surprise us at all if Moss did this.


Further Breakdown Of Why Mike And Mike Blew The Tiger Woods Interview

To clarify, we are not blasting Tiger at all.  We’re blasting ESPN for allowing such a sham to take place.  This had signs of “The Decision” written all over it and anyone who can’t see that shouldn’t be involved in sports debate.  For a further analysis of why this was such a joke check out this piece.  From the NY Daily News:

“So what Greenberg expected everyone to believe is this: He could ask Woods anything he wants, but wasn’t going to ask about the parade of women Woods “encountered” because he – Greenberg – believed that was not an appropriate question.

Greenberg/Golic’s attempt to cover their own tuchises was far more compelling than their interview with Woods. The bland spot does not even merit Twinkie Munch status. No Woods interview ever will. No matter how tough the question, the man is schooled in the art of delivering non-answers. Tiger Woods is a human script.

Derek Jeter is vanilla. Woods is flat-out invisible.

Yet he used the ESPN radio program as the initial stop on his 2010 Image Rehab Tour. This is not the first time “Mike & Mike in the Morning” has been home to a soul-cleansing session. In May of 2009, Roger Clemens used the same program as a launching pad for image spin, offering his first public statements more than a year after his ill-fated congressional appearance.

Thursday, ESPN might have picked up a few more “M&M” listeners, and viewers of the ESPN2 simulcast, along with a one-day shot of publicity. That’s it. Woods didn’t produce a single juicy sound bite. Maybe he would have if either talkie had asked about his ex-wife, Elin. She never came up in the 28-question session.

Or maybe Greenberg/Golic could have actually milked some legit emotion out of Woods if they had followed up after he spoke about his two children. Woods talked about his kids being his main priority and how he loved spending time with them.

At that point they might have asked: How much time do you actually get to spend with them?

Greenberg brought up Anthony Galea, the controversial Canadian doctor who treated Woods. Greenberg also wondered what Woods says to people who don’t believe he did not take performance-enhancing drugs. Woods gave his stock answer to both questions.

That’s when one of the talkies should have asked Woods why he would allow himself to be treated by a doctor who was not licensed to practice medicine in the U.S.

Golic was on a different trip. At one point (question No. 20), he asked Woods if he was “uncomfortable” being in front of other players’ wives when he returned to golf.

Now that was a question.

Each side proved a point. Woods demonstrated he is still trying to sound sincere while saying absolutely nothing. And yes, Greenberg and Golic are not Wallace or Walters.

When this interview was mercifully over, Greenberg said he still had “15” questions left to ask.

No doubt they were all appropriate.”

It’s clear that the “fix was in,” if you will, and this was purely a ratings-generating device for ESPN.  So why can’t they just come out and say it?

[NY Daily News]