ESPN Ran, Then Pulled This Picture Of Michael Vick Reimagined In “White Face”

It has since been taken down, but the Internet outrage will be a major topic of discussion for the next 24 hours.  I can’t believe they actually created the picture.  It was a part of an upcoming Mag piece written by Toure which you can read here.  No word yet if Colin Cowherd and Skip Bayless were the brainchild’s of this ridiculous idea.


Collection Of Reaction Columns To LeBron’s Race Comment

Jason Whitlock does the usual Whitlock thing but brings up a good point, “In an attempt to justify his asinine statement and gain favor with The King, LeBron’s enablers launched a counter offensive. Rather than deal with the real catalyst for the LeBron backlash – The Decision – we heard talk about how troubled some white folks were by LeBron deciding on his own to take his talents to South Beach.  Are you kidding me? Shaquille O’Neal has played for damn near half the NBA. Shaq bolted Orlando and took his talents to Hollywood without turning off most of America.”  [Fox Sports]

Mike Freeman points out James’ hypocrisy, “LeBron James never stood for anything and now he suddenly wants to talk race? Tell me James is clowning us all.  He has previously avoided controversial topics. He has rarely — if ever — made any statement of significance about anything. James has gone out of his way to see no evil, hear no evil. Just play ball, make money. That’s been James’ mission.  There’s nothing wrong with that. Making money is the American way.  It’s just that now, James is trying to have it both ways. He has catered to corporate America, mostly ignored issues that affect people of color, and then when so many people turned on James, he’s now suddenly seeing the racial light. [CBS Sports]

Simmons contrasts LeBron’s situation to what happened with Michael Vick…errr…what?! “The difference between Vick and LeBron James — another superstar who hailed from a rough background and tarnished his image, only unlike Vick, he did so without intentionally hurting anyone or breaking the law — is that LeBron steadfastly refuses to admit his “Decision” was ruinously handled from start to finish. If he had a do-over, he would ram that butcher’s knife into Cleveland&