Good Morning Generation

Did anyone else catch that hilarious Urban Meyer press conference yesterday?  I’d just like to point out the following things of note:

-Urban “retired” from coaching last year to spend more time with his family.  Does that mean he has now retired from his family to spend more time coaching?

-Urban “asked off” his duties at ESPN yesterday to attend the press conference in which he was hired by Ohio State.  This press conference conveniently aired Monday afternoon during the lull before SportsCenter and to the national audience, ESPN had the exclusive coverage.  But that was totally a coincidence.

-Urban denied ever being contacted, much less agreeing to be the head coach at Ohio State, before last Sunday November 20th, despite multiple internet reports that linked him as having accepted the job well before that.  Great example to set for your young men, coach!  Lying is sweet!

-Urban stated in his press conference that 12 months ago, he didn’t like the state of college football as a whole and that he needed to step away.  It is obviously in a much better place now.

-Urban wasn’t asked a single question about the University of Florida’s arrest record during his tenure as coach (shocking, I know), which could mildly be described as alarming.  During yesterday’s press conference, he stressed that he will be trying to exert even less control over the program than he did at Florida.  Hint: if you’re looking to start a tattoo parlor, Columbus is the place to be.

-The most disturbing piece of the whole press conference was when some goof stood up and bragged about how it had been his life’s work to eventually become a journalist who covered the Ohio State University’s football program and then asked Meyer if he could explain his similar experience.  It is no wonder that coach’s are able to rape little boys when such delusional idiots are working at the newspapers.  Good Lord.

-And finally, for the record.  Urban left Florida because he didn’t want to rebuild and because he had a horrible QB situation.  He obviously now walks into a situation where has Braxton Miller for the foreseeable future, but watch.  As soon as Braxton is done, I predict he’ll get out of Ohio State just as quickly as he came in this week.  But it’s totally wrong if a college athlete decides to transfer schools!  Suspend him for a year!!!!!!!!!

Generation Y, where the only thing John Elway is surprised by is how successful Tebow has been.  Endorse him already, John!