By Nick Childs

As Matt just posted, UNC will be playing Michigan State on an aircraft carrier, according to a USA Today report. Matt hit it on the nose when he said that this is simply awesome, but I would like to pose a few questions and thoughts for this game.

Have you ever played basketball outdoors? Have you ever played near the beach? There are a lot of things that will factor in this game, and I can tell you who will win right now. The winner of this game will be the team that can pound the ball inside and get as many dunks or layups. Regardless of how the points come, they need to come in the paint. Why?


The weather doesn’t affect sports like baseball or football nearly as much as it will a basketball game. And the fact that this game will be played on the San Diego coastline will probably mean that wind will definitely come into play.

I couldn’t care less about the wind and couldn’t be more excited to see this game played. I love sporting events changing venues like the NHL’s recent experiment with a few outdoor games at baseball stadiums. Honestly, those are 90% of the hockey games that I have watched in the last two years. Also, you gotta love anytime someone does something to recognize the Veterans that have so selflessly defended the rights that we take advantage of every day!

Side Note: How cool would it be if they didn’t even lay down a hardwood floor and made it like a street ball game? Maybe they could have a game the next year at Rucker Park.

This game is going to be awesome. Period.


North Carolina And Michigan State Will Play A Game Next Year On An Aircraft Carrier

Seriously.  From USA Today:

During his weekly radio show Monday night, North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams confirmed that his Tar Heels will travel to San Diego next season to play Michigan State on an aircraft carrier.

“It hasn’t been announced yet, but we’re supposed to be playing Michigan State in San Diego on an aircraft carrier on Veterans Day next year,” Williams said, according to Inside Carolina.

Williams couldn’t confirm exactly which ship the game would be played on, but the game will apparently take place on Nov. 11 — or on 11/11/11.

No analysis needed here.  This is simply awesome.

[USA Today]


The Alley-Oop Jump Shot? (Video)

Syracuse impressed last night as they destroyed a talented Michigan State team in the Jimmy V Classic. They’ll take on Kansas next. The highlight of the night, though, was when ‘Cuse’s PG Scoop Jardine tried to setup forward Rick Jackson for an alley-oop. The problem? There was the alley but no oop. Check it out. Very weird.



College Hoops is here and with incredible match-ups!

By Nick Childs

UConn takes down #2 Michigan State 70-67 this evening behind an explosive performance from Kemba Walker.

This game really picked up with about 14 minutes left in the second half. It became the Draymond Green and Kemba Walker show.

Draymond Green, big man of the Michigan State Spartans, muscled down two offensive rebounds, knocked down two threes, dropped a sick dime for an easy bucket and had a key block. But it wasn’t enough.

Kemba Walker proved why he is the player of the year in this young basketball season with yet another 30 point performance. He showed his team that they could win this game when he popped two three-pointers, one of which was highly contested, with 10 minutes left.

Walker is a player to root for this season, not only for his skills on the court, but for the man he has become off of the court. I always talk about good stories and Kemba Walker is another one. Jim Calhoun talked about how much he likes coaching this young guard, saying that he has improved in anything that he may have had weaknesses in. Calhoun cited his work in the classroom. Walker took 17 credits over the summer to get ahead in his school work along with playing for a select team.

In a game that featured at least 10 lead changes, the Huskies took went on an 11-0 run to take a five point lead with five minutes remaining. Green and the Spartans faught back to have the lead with under a minute to go. However, Walker recaptured the lead and iced the game with a drive to his left and jump shot from the baseline to take a one-point lead with 45 seconds to play.

Neither team seemed to be able to close the game. Green missed four of his last 5 free throws in the closing minutes, and UConn players went a combined two for their last eight from the charity stripe.

The #11 University of Washington Huskies are about to take on the #9 University of Kentucky Wildcats in the second semi-final game of the Maui Invitational. The winner will go on to play UConn for the championship.

What best part about college hoops is obviously March Madness, but you can’t ignore the high profile matchups that you see early on in seasons. The best teams want to see where they stack up against the best competition and assess where their squads are.

To go along with the Kentucky vs. Washington game, #1 Duke will be playing #4 Kansas State. Coach K will be going for his 800th win with Duke. While Duke is one of the most polarizing schools in college basketball, Coach K is one of the best people in all of sports, and it is easy to pull for him. Set all biases aside and say it with me, “Let’s go Coach K, let’s go Duke!”

Game notes: In this Maui Invitational game, the announcers continually talked about the higher temperature and humidity in the building, and we continued to see players slipping around mid court. This is something to watch as the tournament comes to a close in the next couple days.


Did The Play Clock Expire Before Michigan State Executed The Fake Field Goal To Beat Notre Dame?

Of course it did!  But hey, no one is complaining within 500 miles of the south because Notre Dame sucks and will continue to suck.  This once great football school still gets away with fooling the NCAA polls every year despite poor coaching, poor on-field performance, and a lot of BYU-style entitlement.  From Sports by Brooks:

“After screenshots of the Spartan Stadium play clock registering :00 before Michigan State scored on its game-winning play against Notre Dame began circulating on the web postgame, the Big East released a statement o