Video Of The Rioting In Vancouver Last Night

We’ll go in order from the most mild to complete scumbaggery.

Firework to the groin. Kind of funny actually.

Trying to dance on a flaming car is not advised.

Attacking polices officers and firefighters? Not cool, Canada.

Some guy sees a guy standing on top of a port-a-potty and tackles the thing so that the guy on top nearly breaks his neck on the way down. Jesus. I thought Canadians were a nice people?

This is the second to worst one. A guy three times the size of this Canucks fan sucker punches him because the guy tried to ask him to calm down. Jerk.

And here’s the worst one. An angry mob taking out a man trying to talk some sense into these loser Canucks. They promptly beat him unconcious till he bleeds.