If You Have Twenty MInutes Today, Go Back And Watch This Old ESPN The Life Episode Featuring Shavlik Randolph, J.J. Reddick, Carmelo Anthony, And Amare Stoudemire

Thanks to SB Nation’s Andrew Sharp for pointing this out on Twitter. Appearances from some other names you might know: McCants, Brown, Iguodala, May, and Jordan himself.

This will be the only time ever you’ll ever see Shavlik Randolph clowning Carmelo and Amar’e.


Video: This Circus Shot Decided The Wisconsin Men’s Basketball State Title

The kid who hit it will play for Wisconsin next year where he will learn the art of holding the ball until the last five seconds of the shot clock.


Video: This Is How The Nebraska D2 Men’s High School Basketball Championship Game Went Into Overtime

The team that hits the three would go on to win the game. My buddy from college was actually covering the game and called me to explain how awesome it was within minutes of the final horn sounding.