High School Basketball Player Attacks A Referee (Video)

A Desoto Country (FL) high school basketball player pushed and then attacked a referee after being assessed a technical foul last night. The disgruntled player thought it would be a great idea to throw the ref to the floor, too. It’s still unknown the kid’s name and also the disciplinary actions taken, but it’s blatantly obvious this kid shouldn’t be playing high school basketball for a very long while (if ever). Fast forward to about the 1:22 mark for the good stuff:

Are you serious?!



San Diego High School Player Ruled Ineligible After Taking $30,000 In Money And Benefits

We were made aware of this story over on Sports by Brooks.  It details the account of Chen Cai, a six-foot, eight-inch Chinese-American basketball player who averaged 27 points and 16 rebounds last year for Maranatha Christian High in San Diego.  Apparently he was taken care of by some of the same people who brought Yao over to the United States and has been on the take for quite some time.

The San Diego Union-Tribune broke the story:

“According to documents obtained by The San Diego Union-Tribune, a local Chinese high school basketball star has been the beneficiary of more than $30,000 in money and benefits provided by sports marketers formerly involved with Nike and Chinese NBA star Yao Ming.

Chen Cai, a 6-foot-8 player for Maranatha Christian High, has been declared ineligible to play basketball this year as a result of an investigation into these and similar allegations. Marantha has offered to forfeit all games in which Chen played during the past three seasons because of rules violations. It is against state high school rules to receive such benefits or be recruited to a school because of athletic ability.

Chen’s coach at Maranatha, Rle Nichols, who once coached Yao, has resigned under pressure amid a wide-ranging investigation involving his programs. The San Diego Section of the California Interscholastic League, which governs high school sports, hired a private investigator to gather information on the case. A copy of the investigator’s report on the case, which is based on several interviews and documents, was obtained by the Union-Tribune. The report says Terry Rhoads and Frank Sha, former Nike employees who helped bring Yao from China to the NBA, ‘spent more than $30,000 on this kid (Chen), not to mention paying his living bills, paying the training, paying the parents to come to the U.S. three times.'”

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