Clay Matthews Was The Special Guest At The WWE Match Last Night (And We’ve Got Video)

Obviously we’re big fans of wrestling here. To get the full story we turn to the Camel Clutch Blog:

AP Defensive Player of the Year runner up and brand new Super Bowl champion, Clay Matthews and the Green Bay Packers continued their post game celebration by attending a SmackDown taping in Green Bay Tuesday night. The Packers and their families were treated like royalty by the WWE. Matthews even got to be a part of the show in the biggest angle of the night.

Edge vs. Dolph Ziggler for the WWE world heavyweight title version 122.5 took place Tuesday night at the SmackDown tapings. Vickie Guerrero served as special guest referee for the match. As you could expect Vickie tried to fast count Edge a few times. Edge speared Dolph Ziggler a few times but Vickie went down with an ankle injury preventing her from counting.  Reports than indicate that  Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews then hit the ring with a referee shirt to make the three-count and award Edge the win. Members of the Packers then joined Edge and Matthews for a post-match celebration which will close the show on the SyFY channel.

This is a huge deal for the WWE and tremendous foresight to get a building in Green Bay two days after the Super Bowl. You have to give the WWE a ton of credit for being on top of the Super Bowl and capitalizing on the publicity. They have Aaron Rodgers wearing their championship belt in front of 100+ million people and will now have arguably the second most popular Packer on their television show Friday night involved in a wrestling angle. Big props go out to the marketing department at Titan Towers.

And here’s the video, shot from a flip cam:

[Camel Clutch Blog]


WWE Will Award Packers Players With Championship Belts During Taping Of Friday Night Smackdown

Love, love, love this.  From Fox 11 in Wisconsin:

Members of the Green Bay Packers will guest star on “WWE Friday night SmackDown.”

The show tapes tonight at 6:30 p.m. at the Resch Center in Ashwaubenon.

WWE officials state in a release that members of the team will get their own WWE Championships in front of their hometown fans:

“(The) Green Bay Packers have been celebrating touchdowns and big plays by motioning to a title around their waist during the Packers amazing quest to the Super Bowl. Now, Packer players will get their own WWE titles to wear.”

There is no word on which players will appear.

The episode will air Friday at 7 p.m. on Syfy.

I’m guessing Aaron Rodgers won’t be able to attend due to the hundreds of obligations he’ll have as the Super Bowl MVP.  Hopefully they’ll be able to get someone of note on the roster to attend though. 

We’ll hook you up with video in the coming days after it is released.

[Fox 11]


Las Vegas Took A Beating Yesterday

The bookies will now proceed to own us for the next 24 months.  From the LA Times:

Thanks to a high-scoring game, a decisive margin of victory by the favored Green Bay Packers and a slew of other breaks, the public made off with riches Sunday at sports books throughout the city.

When the Pittsburgh SteelersBen Roethlisberger threw a late fourth-quarter, fourth-down incomplete pass in his territory, a wave of gamblers pounded tables in celebration and raised their arms in triumph along with Packers Greg Jennings and most-valuable-player quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and marched in a wave to collect their winnings.

“It was bad,” said MGM Resorts Race and Sports Book director Jay Rood, whose 11-property operation slipped into deep trouble when the Packers surged to a 21-3 lead.

Inside the book’s war room, where cold cuts, salads and pizzas were served to those presiding over gambling’s busiest day of the year, Rood fielded a halftime phone call from his boss, Bill McBaeth, at a lavish Aria hotel party.

“What’s the worse-case scenario?” McBaeth said. Answered Rood: “It’s happening.”

A Steelers touchdown before halftime encouraged Rood to set a second-half line with the Steelers favored by 2½ points in the final two quarters. Pittsburgh was only a 2½-point underdog when the game started, so bettors recognized the value of the bet — that they could gamble on Pittsburgh as the equivalent of an 8½-point underdog.

A swarm, including one dressed in a cheesehead cowboy hat and another wearing a Steelers towel/cape over his back, rushed from their leather chairs inside the Mirage to back the Steelers. And those wagers were winners, too.

A Steelers fourth-quarter touchdown and two-point conversion (also paying big odds as an exotic bet) put the game over the 45½-point total that Las Vegas bookmakers had assessed would be the best number to draw bettors considering a game between two of the NFL‘s top defenses.

“The combination of the ‘over’ and the Packers’ victory was lethal,” Rood said. “It’s the worst Super Bowl I’ve seen since being here in 1993. There was no getting around it. Not a great scenario.”

No one enjoyed the rollercoaster ride of events as much as Purcell, who shimmied on the Mirage sports book carpet and was doused in beer after realizing these winnings: a lucrative parlay of Packers to the over, a $200 future-book bet made before the season on the 14-to-1 Packers to win the Super Bowl, a $50 bet that Green Bay’s Nick Collinswould intercept a pass that paid $750, and another longshot gamble that Packers receiver Jordy Nelson would score the game’s first touchdown.

“I can’t even put it into words,” Purcell said, standing in the collection line. “All I can do is this,” duplicating the title-belt fitting around the waist move created by Rodgers.

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of hearing gambling win stories like the incredible one told in this piece.  We’ve all been there and despite the fact that we lose so many more times than we win, those great stories are what keep us coming back. 

The story goes on to say that the official losses for the casinos won’t be released till later on this week.  We’ll update you on what we hear.

[LA Times]


Video Of Aaron Rodgers Accepting The Championship Belt As Best QB In The NFL

Well not really. But after a season where he celebrated touchdowns with the nod to wrestling championship belts, this was pretty awesome. Watch him right off the bat motion for the belt and then around the 1:04 mark he gets the actual thing from a teammate.

Here’s hoping he has sixty of them made for him and his teammates like Rasheed did after the Pistons won the NBA title.