Penn State’s Students Are Rioting (Now With Live Pictures and Video Of Joe Paterno Addressing The Crowd)

This is what I’ve gathered from Twitter so far, all courtesy of CBS Sports’ Gregg Doyel, SI’s Jon Wertheim, BlackShoeDiaries’ Ben Jones, Penn State’s Daily Collegian, and Yahoo! Sports’ Pat Forde who are live on campus tweeting updates (in reverse chronological order and this will update constantly throughout the evening):

-DailyCollegian: College Avenue is almost completely cleared, but hundreds still linger on both sides of the street sidewalk. #PSUCharges

-Doyel: Riot’s about over. I’ll close by noting that, once upon a time, “You were … Penn State”

-Deadspin: Here’s Video Of Rioting Penn State Students Flipping A News Van

-Random Video of students chanting (language alert):

-Doyel: Someone screams, “Mace!” And the crowd runs like it’s Pamplona and someone conjured up a bull

-Doyel: Police are telling the crowd to clear the sidewalks. #PSUCharges

-Doyel: There are 20,000 people in the world who don’t understand Joe Pa had to go. And they’re on Beaver St, tipping cars

-DailyCollegian: Rocks are being thrown at cars on College Avenue. #PSUCharges

-DailyCollegian: And College Avenue is nearly cleared, but thousands still remain on the sidewalk near campus. #PSUCharges

-Jones: When being a reporter sucks a little

-DailyCollegian: A man in a Pirates t-shirt was handcuffed and taken down College Avenue by two state troopers. He received cheers from the crowd.

-Daily Collegian: And the road is nearly cleared from McAllister to Pugh Street. Students are still on the sidewalk and campus lawn. #PSUCharges

-DailyCollegian: Alpha Fire Department is cleaning up spilled oil from the news van on College Avenue. #PSUCharges

-DailyCollegian: A few rocks are thrown at the firetruck on College Avenue. #PSUCharges

-DailyCollegian: The firetruck cannot make its way down the road because of the flipped news van near McAllister. #PSUCharges

-DailyCollegian: A firetruck is making its way down College Avenue. #PSUCharges

-DailyCollegian: A male with a camera was hit in the head with a rock on College Avenue. #PSUCharges

-Paterno’s Address to the crowd:

-DailyCollegian: Worth noting: Not all involved in tonight’s riot are students.

-DailyCollegian: Police have pulled down a man on College Avenue and used mace on him. #PSUCharges

-Jones: If those are dogs barking then I’m leaving.

-Doyel: Down goes another news truck. And a light pole. And a rumor of police dogs has the crowd running.

-DailyCollegian: DailyCollegian: People stand on top of the overturned news van on College Avenue.


-Jones: I wonder if that’s spray painted, or just metal.

-Jones: I think there is a fire at Old Main. Which, well you know. Fires being fires that’s a little concerning.

-Jones: I worry some times. Well, tonight I worry most of the time.

-Jones: Cops getting rushed, and students losing.

-Doyel: And there goes the first flipped news truck. Doing your school proud. You are … Penn State.

-Wertheim: WtAj van

-Doyel: Police just sprayed mace. Crowd running. At me.

-Wertheim: Guys on college trying to flip news van

-Doyel: There goes a street sign. College Avenue. Snapped off its pole by some brave hero. Idiot.

-Doyel: Kids in balconies are throwing toilet paper onto crowd. Pretty sure it’s unused.

-Jones: Guy next to me just took a beer can. Vancouver flashbang style.

-Doyel: They’re doing the Tebow! Hundreds!


-Doyel: It’s about to get bad. Crowd moving in on cops

-Jones: Yelling “Dont taze me bro” only works before you get tased.

-Doyel: I see 4,000 students. And 3 cops. Gotta be more cops somewhere. But more students are coming too

-Doyel: More chants about media. I feel like a (handsome) little deer surrounded by hyenas.

-Doyel: They’re trying to decide where to start the fire. And with what.

-Doyel: Crowd booing cops. Flipping them off. And now chanting ‘F— the media.’ With relish I may add.

-Doyel: The riot is now in front of the frat houses. What could possibly go wrong?

-Doyel: But I’ll say this. Nicest rioters ever. They keep bumping me – and apologizing.

-Doyel: Down goes the first light post. Crowd cheers this mighty victory.

-Jones: This is going well

-Doyel: One kid yelling ‘F— the’ … And the crowd yelling back, ‘Trustees!’

-Wertheim: Thinking this might not end well … 



-Doyel: There’s a car in there. That’s a street. That’s a problem.

-Doyel: Let’s go to stadium shall we?

-Forde: Thousands of students chanting “we want Joe!” crowd is huge. No idea how many thousand

-Doyel: They’re out of ideas. Going to stadium now to do the same chants. The repetitiveness reminds me of Cameron Indoor

-Doyel: Gesturing now at the Old Main administration building and chanting ‘A–Holes.’

-Doyel: I’m putting the crowd at 3,000. And they’re still streaming in. By the hundreds.

-Doyel: These idiots are playing to the cameras. Drunk on the possibility of fame. And probably beer.

-Doyel:They’re doing that seven nation army thing with the word ‘Joe’

-Doyel: ‘F— the trustees’

-Doyel: ‘We want Joe back!’

-Doyel: Students pouring onto campus. Sprinting. I hear police horses. ‘Joe’s house!’ This is going to be bad.

-Doyel: I’m a half mile out and I hear the crowd screaming ‘F— Sandusky!’

-Doyel: Heading for riots.


Penn State Is Allegedly Planning Paterno’s Exit

He’s gone.  From The New York Times:

Joe Paterno’s tenure as coach of the Penn State football team will soon be over, perhaps within days or weeks, in the wake of a sex-abuse scandal that has implicated university officials, according to two people briefed on conversations among the university’s top officials.

The board of trustees has yet to determine the precise timing of Paterno’s exit, but it is clear that the man who has more victories than any other coach at college football’s top level and who made Penn State a prestigious brand will not survive to coach another season. Discussions about how to manage his departure have begun, according to the two people.

Paterno was to have held a news conference Tuesday but the university canceled it less than an hour before it was scheduled to start.

At age 84 and with 46 seasons as the Penn State head coach behind him, Paterno’s extraordinary run of success — one that produced tens of millions of dollars for the school and two national championships, and that established him as one of the nation’s most revered leaders, will end with a stunning and humiliating final chapter.

This is the first thing they’ve done right.  Way more to go though.

[NY Times]


A Guy Was Fired From A Chicago Car Dealership For Wearing A Packers Tie To Work

And somehow it has something to do with Jay Cutler’s toughness!  From The Last Angry Fan blog:

Pictured above, wearing a rather unfashionable Green Bay Packers necktie, is John Stone, a car salesman at Webb Chevrolet in Oak Lawn.  Rather, Stone is a former employee of Webb Chevrolet, after being unceremoniously fired for wearing that same tie to work on Monday, a day after the Packers beat the Bears in the NFC Championship.

Stone donned the Packers tie to honor his late grandmother, a huge Green Bay fan who died a mere two days before the championship game, and to show off his team pride following their win.  The 34-year-old says he’s been a fan of the team since he first saw former RB Ahman Green suit up for the Pack.

Stone’s boss, general manager Jerry Roberts, didn’t think the tie was appropriate attire for a dealership that spends $20,000 a month on advertising with the Bears, adding that by wearing the tie, his former employee was “salting the wounds” of the Chicago defeat.

When asked if Stone was fired because of his Packers necktie, Roberts answered “correct.”

Someone a little bitter?

[Last Angry Fan]