A Short List Of Gen Y’s Favorite Poster Dunks Of All Time

In no particular order, except for the last one which is by far number one. Be sure to add your favorites in the comments if I missed any.

KJ over Hakeem:

Iverson over Camby:

John Starks over Horace Grant and MJ:

Kobe over Dwight:

Taj Gibson over D-Wade:

Jordan over Ewing:

Shaq over Chris Dudley:

Dominique over Larry Legend:

Kobe over Steve Nash:

Vince Carter over the Frenchie:

Baron Davis over AK47:

T-Mac over Shawn Bradley:

D-Wade over Varejao:

Shawn Kemp on Alton Lister:

Dr. J over Michael Cooper:

LeBron over KG:

Blake over Mozgov:

And finally, the uncontested number one poster dunk of all time, Scottie Pippen over Patrick Ewing, because of what he does afterwards:


This week’s 10: Put it down Big Fella

By Nick Childs

This is a list of my favorite dunks. This list is very fluid,  but these dunks are always worth revisiting for me. It is nearly impossible to make a true list of things like this, so it is almost certain that I will miss some great dunks. Feel free to leave a link as a comment. This list includes dunks from every level of basketball competition including the NBA, Olympic competition, And-1 and others. Other than that, enjoy these incredible acts of athleticism!

10. This video goes at No. 10 because it didn’t really happen in competition.  How much defense is really played when you are trying to make a mix-tape? Nonetheless, a 720 dunk is ridiculous.

9.  Kobe Bryant has a long, storied career, so it is tough to pick one dunk. My favorite is the one on Yao. Here is mix of his top 5 dunks.

8. Michael Jordan is the greatest player to ever live, and he had many famous dunks. Here is his infamous cradle dunk that helped him revolutionize the game in many ways.

7. Dominique Wilkins is regarded as one of the greatest dunkers of all time. He was known as “the human highlight real” and for good reason. He made the windmill famous. For anyone that can dunk, you know how hard it is to move the ball that far while in the air and trying to slam it in the basket.


6. Rajon Rondo showed me something this year that I had no idea he had. Watch him get off the ground and put it down with authority! P.S., way to contest the bucket, Chris Bosh.