Aaron Rodgers Out Early With Concussion

Fantasy owners everywhere weep.  From ESPN:

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers will miss the rest of Green Bay’s game against Detroit with a concussion.

Rodgers was replaced by backup Matt Flynn late in the second quarter Sunday. On the Packers’ previous drive, Rodgers was slow getting up after being hit by Amari Spievy and Landon Johnson at the end of an 18-yard scramble. Green Bay took a timeout, then Rodgers took a sack on the next play.

Rodgers stayed in for the rest of the drive before being replaced. He also had a concussion in an overtime loss at Washington in October. He played the following week.

Horrible news for his owners as Rodgers carried a lot of guys into the playoffs and has left a ton of teams without their best player.  Just the way it goes sometimes I guess.  For every team out there who’s pissed off, there’s another team dancing in the streets.