Can I Interest You In A Video Montage Of Thunder Role Player Nick Collison Setting Screens And Taking Charges?

Quick back story: Collison is writing a guest blog for GQ all year and last week wondered sarcastically why no fans had ever made a video of him setting screens set to Rick Ross. The fans obliged.


A Short List Of Gen Y’s Favorite Poster Dunks Of All Time

In no particular order, except for the last one which is by far number one. Be sure to add your favorites in the comments if I missed any.

KJ over Hakeem:

Iverson over Camby:

John Starks over Horace Grant and MJ:

Kobe over Dwight:

Taj Gibson over D-Wade:

Jordan over Ewing:

Shaq over Chris Dudley:

Dominique over Larry Legend:

Kobe over Steve Nash:

Vince Carter over the Frenchie:

Baron Davis over AK47:

T-Mac over Shawn Bradley:

D-Wade over Varejao:

Shawn Kemp on Alton Lister:

Dr. J over Michael Cooper:

LeBron over KG:

Blake over Mozgov:

And finally, the uncontested number one poster dunk of all time, Scottie Pippen over Patrick Ewing, because of what he does afterwards: