Here’s A Roundup Of Junior Seau Reaction Columns

Andrew Sharp compares religion and football to try to understand this tragedy [SB Nation]

Josh Levin says the discussion of the NFL goes in only one direction now: player health [Slate]

Dr. Ali Mohamadi describes in detail what the medical community knows about CTE in former players [SB Nation]

Mike Silver remembers Junior Seau, the beloved man, player, and teammate [Yahoo! Sports]

Jon Bois delves into why athlete’s deaths are different [SB Nation]

A Marine Captain wrote in to Deadspin to tell of his memorable chance encounter with Seau last year, and a heart-warming side of the player that most of us never knew [Deadspin]

Chris Jones implores us to make great efforts towards helping those who are alive and suffering now [Esquire]


Today’s Jeremy Lin Roundup

Brian Windhorst says the Heat made it a point to not let Lin have a good game – [ESPN]

Linda Robertson says the Heat’s ferocious defense was too much for Lin – [Miami Herald]

People reports that Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow have had conversations in the past couple weeks – [People]

Bomani Jones says the onus is on Mike D’Antoni and Jeremy Lin to find a way to make Carmelo shine – [SB Nation]

Ian Thomsen has a great recap of last night’s game – [Sports Illustrated]

Sebastian Pruiti has a great technical breakdown of how to guard the Knicks pick-and-roll with Lin – [Grantland]

Today’s tabloid covers weren’t kind to Jeremy – [NY Daily News & NY Post courtesy Jimmy Traina]

Barry Petchesky hints that the Heat’s defense might be an all-time great collection of talent – [Deadspin]


Today’s Jeremy Lin Roundup

Mike Vaccaro unearths the nugget of the year from Udonis Haslem explaining how Lin actually had a prayer answered (MUST-READ) – [New York Post]

This writer says the explanation of the fired ESPN headline writer is selfish and manipulative – [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

Wired explains why Jeremy Lin is so popular among nerds and geeks [Wired]

Nike re-negotiated Lin’s deal and you  can expect him to be heavily marketed in the coming year, especially in Asia – [New York Daily News]

Joseph Goodman has a preview of tonight’s much anticipated Knicks-Heat matchup – [Miami Herald]

Beckley Mason describes an interesting phenomenon arising in pickup basketball games and what it means in a broader context – [Hoopspeak]


Today’s Jeremy Lin Roundup

SI’s media critic Richard Deitsch weighs in on the racism controversies of ESPN and Fox Sports, respectively – [Sports Illustrated]

UFC’s Dana White decided to give his opinion on Floyd Mayweather’s comments about Lin – [Yahoo! Sports]

Jay Caspian Kang describes the reasons Lin is so important to the Asian-American community, even if it’s unfair to Jeremy – [Grantland]

Dave Zirin argues that America still has a long way to go with the discussion of race and ethnicity and Lin is helping to point that out – [The Nation]

Former rapper Luther Campbell (aka Uncle Luke of University of Miami fame) has some hilarious advice for Jeremy Lin – [Miami New-Times]

Lin grabbed another SI cover story – [Sports Illustrated]

The Harvard newspaper chatted with Lin’s two best friends from college about his time there and how he’s dealing with everything now – [The Harvard Crimson]


And This Is Today’s Jeremy Lin Roundup

Mike Wise says Lin is helping to educate America about the racial stereotypes that were often overlooked with Asians in this country – [Washington Post]

Deron Williams admits to Adrian Wojnarowski that he definitely made it a point to destroy Lin last night [Yahoo! Sports]

Gilbert Arenas (!) talks about his friendship with Jeremy and how he destroyed him at the All-Warrior game [SI]

Zach Lowe has a must-read breakdown on how potentially dangerous the Knicks offense can be based on last night’s game, even though New York came up way short of their potential – [The Point Forward]

Bethlehem Shoals says Lin has to figure out how to utilize Anthony in Mike D’Antoni’s offense – [GQ]

Charles Pierce wishes people would stop turning Lin into whatever they want him to be and just let him play – [Grantland]


Today’s Roundup Of Jeremy Lin Articles

Lin made a public plea to the Taiwanese media to leave his family alone – [Yahoo! Sports]

Howard Beck has a terrific recap of yesterday’s win over the Mavericks – [New York Times]

Mike Vaccaro can see the pieces coming together on this Knicks team – [New York Post]

Bomani Jones says it’s on Lin to figure out how to get Carmelo involved – [SB Nation]

The ESPN editor who posted the offensive headline last week explains himself – [New York Daily News]

The basketball ombudsman Adrian Wojnarowski weighs in on the debate of whether Lin is exceptionally talented or the beneficiary of the system the Knicks run – [Yahoo! Sports]

I think it’s safe to say Joe Posnanski is tired of the Lin puns – [SI]

Ken Berger discusses how Lin is taking advantage of Mike D’Antoni’s system – [CBS Sports]


Here’s Today’s Roundup Of Jeremy Lin Links

A reporter caught up with Fernando Valenzuela, perhaps the only person alive who can relate to what Lin is going through right now [Mercury-News]

Buzz Bissinger points out, rather sarcastically, what Jeremy Lin hasn’t done – [The Daily Beast]

Gregg Doyel says Lin should be in the All-Star Game – [CBS Sports]

Ben Cohen describes how New Yorkers are tuning in to the radio in record numbers because of the Time Warner/MSG dispute – [Wall Street Journal]

Kevin Pelton, one of my favorite NBA stat geeks, explains why Lin’s turnovers aren’t really a big deal – [Basketball Prospectus]

Zach Lowe breaks down the x’s and o’s of the Knicks offense including how dangerous they’ll be with Carmelo back – [Sports Illustrated]

Kevin Clark details a recent phenomenon: former Ivy League players bragging about when they schooled Lin during his Harvard days – [Wall Street Journal]

Rembert Browne has an intelligent discussion about race and Lin using the Williams sisters and Floyd Mayweather’s controversial tweet to provide context – [Grantland]


Here’s Today’s Jeremy Lin Roundup

Jeremy’s former college teammate gives a refreshingly honest take about what it was like watching Linsanity take over at Harvard – [ESPN]

Jonah Lehrer reminds us that scouts really have no clue what they’re doing when it comes to evaluating talent – [Wired]

Andrew Sharp urges us to remember these moments forever, even if they don’t last – [SB Nation]

A reporter caught up with Jeremy’s grandmother and uncle who reside in Taiwan.  They discuss the complex task of figuring out Jeremy’s cultural identity as well – [New York Times]

Jon Bois has a simple breakdown of what Lin is doing, both good and bad – [SB Nation]

Bill Simmons has an all Lin mailbag – [Grantland]

Yao Ming has Linsanity – []

Read about Lin’s agent who was just as unknown as his player a few weeks ago [Spurs Nation]

Meet the numbers cruncher who predicted Lin’s success two years ago [Wall Street Journal]


Today’s Roundup Of Jeremy Lin Articles

Basketball’s ombudsmen, Adrian Wojnarowski, weighs in Lin’s latest achievement – [Yahoo! Sports]

Bruce Arthur discusses the magic of Lin’s rise – [The National Post]

Jason Whitlock responds with a column about Lin’s success and his own controversial tweet this past weekend – [Fox Sports]

Buzz Bissinger wants us all to calm down about Lin until we have a bigger sample size [The Daily Beast]

Rick Reilly has the most Rick Reilly article ever about Lin [ESPN]

Gregg Doyel wonders how everybody missed Lin [CBS Sports]

Holly MacKenzie takes you into the Knicks locker room following last night’s game [Yahoo! Sports]


Today’s Collection Of Columns On The Penn State Scandal

Maureen Down wonders if Paterno realizes how many children look up to him – National Post

The Penn State trustees vow swift and decisive action for this outrage – Patriot-News

Gregg Doyel, who was at Paterno’s house all day yesterday, chronicles the bizarre Penn State supporters who don’t get what is at stake here – CBS Sports 

Susan Orlean shakes her head at what college football has become – The New Yorker

What happened to district attorney Ray Gricar, who knew of these allegations a decade ago but disappeared mysteriously in 2005? – New York Times 

Guide to staying a Penn State fan in the wake of this scandal – SB Nation

An open letter to Joe Paterno from Darren Rovell – CNBC

Clay Travis wonders why a caoch who would have been fired for giving a kid a car is still on campus for protecting a child molester – Outkick The Coverage

Bruce Hooley wonders how we got here as a society – ESPN Cleveland


Roundup Of Columns On The Penn State Cover Up

Spencer Hall, the best sports blogger alive right now and also the voice of college football says everyone has got to go.  If you don’t read anything else, read this piece – SB Nation

The other can’t miss piece is from Joe Posnanski who is actually working on a biography of Paterno as we speak – Sports Illustrated

Jason Whitlock blasts everybody – Fox Sports 

Dave Zirin makes a great point that the real tragedy is that more abuse could have been prevented had Paterno told authorities – The Nation

Here’s an anonymous piece from a Penn State professor with a great take on how one man’s actions affected an entire community – The Good Men Project

Clay Travis, perhaps the best college football reporter in the country calls for Paterno to be fired – Outkick the Coverage

Dan Wetzel, perhaps the best college football columnist in the country says Paterno should have done way more – Yahoo! Sports

Deadspin’s Drew Magary discusses self-preservation and big time institutional thinking – Deadspin

The New York Times has the complete breakdown including how Paterno had a legal and moral obligation to do more – New York Times 

Mike Wise says Penn State and Joe Paterno clearly put the program ahead of everything else – Washington Post

Jeff MacGregor wants to know what Paterno knew and when he knew it – ESPN

The Big Lead’s best columnist Ty Duffy does the damn thing, says Paterno has to resign – The Big Lead