Cowboys Come Out Of Nowhere With Coaching Hire Of The Year

I have no idea why Rob Ryan wasn’t mentioned in any of the conversations for any of the coaching vacancies across the NFL.  He’s a certified bossman on the defensive side of the ball and anyone who remembers the lead up to the Browns/Jets matchup this year knows he’s every bit as personable as his twin brother Rex.  Well, with the firing of the Mangenius in Cleveland he somehow slipped through the cracks and the Dallas Cowboys have come through big time by adding him to the staff.  From the Dallas Morning News:

The Cowboys have allowed three defensive coordinator candidates to leave the building for other jobs in recent days.

The club was determined not to let that number grow to four.

Rob Ryan and his representative are working on the final details of a contract that will make him the team’s defensive coordinator. A source said Friday evening that the offer was extended after Ryan spent the majority of the day at the Cowboys’ Valley Ranch facility.

The impending hire comes eight days after Jason Garrett took over as head coach. It is arguably the most significant off-season move Garrett will make as he works to restore the defense of a team that allowed a franchise-record 436 points.

Ryan arrived at the team’s practice facility Friday morning and didn’t leave until the early evening. He met with Garrett for a large part of the day before the Cowboys coach escorted him to the team’s executive offices late in the afternoon to meet with owner Jerry Jones.

Great hire for the Cowboys.  Ryan is a difference maker who I was actually hoping would become the next head coach of my Denver Broncos.

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Cliche, classy is Peyton Hillis

By Nick Childs

It is hard to watch Peyton Hillis have so much success for the Browns this year thinking about the contributions he could have made for the Broncos this year, but at the same time, I can’t help but be happy for him because he goes about his business the right way.

Hillis is the silent work-horse that refuses to say anything negative and makes the most of any opportunity was given. He has done that to say the least in his time in Cleveland so far. What really struck me was a quote when he was asked about being in the company of Hall of Famers Jim Brown and Leroy Kelly being the only Cleveland ‘backs to rush for 11 TDs in a season.

“That’s absurd. Those guys are legends, and I’m a nobody.”

Peyton, you may be the most underrated player in the NFL, but you, sir, are certainly not a nobody. Thank you for being a class act.


Browns Center Accuses Chiefs D Lineman Of Grabbing His You Know What

True story.  From the Medina County Gazette which has the story, “Browns center Alex Mack isn’t happy with Chiefs defensive lineman and former teammate Shaun Smith.   Mack accused Smith of grabbing his private parts during Kansas City’s 16-14 win Sunday.  ‘He grabbed my (testicles), and I don’t think he should be able to do that,’ Mack said Monday. ‘I’m still fired up about it.’  Smith, who played for the Browns in 2007-08 and was cut in training camp last year, denied it.  ‘I don’t have no comment,’ he told The Associated Press. ‘I don’t recall doing anything like that. I’m not known for being a dirty player or anything like that, so I don’t know what that was all about.’  Mack yelled at Smith during the second quarter after Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali got into an altercation with a few Browns on the Cleveland sideline. The Browns quickly got the ball back after a punt, and Mack was penalized for unnecessary roughness for a late hit on linebacker Derrick Johnson. The 15 yards proved costly two plays later when Phil Dawson missed a 42-yard field goal.”


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