Nets Video To Promote Kris Humphries For NBA’s Most Improved Award Scores High Points On Unintentional Comedy Scale

Mr. Kim Kardashian is having himself the classic “over-inflated stats in a contract year” season and the Nets, unable to realize that, have devoted the following media campaign to “The Incredible Hump.” They will probably overpay him in the offseason and highlight exactly why it’s the owners, not the players, who need to fix their issues in the NBA lockout.


We’re Anxiously Awaiting The Video For Josh McRobert’s Campaign To Get Into The Dunk Contest

He partnered up with teammate Brandon Rush to re-create a scene from White Men Can’t JumpFrom the Indianapolis Star:

The campaign to get Indiana Pacers forward Josh McRoberts into this year’s slam dunk contest during All-Star weekend is about to begin.

McRoberts and teammate Brandon Rush filmed a scene from the movie “White Men Can’t Jump” for a video they plan to post on a website in the near future because McRoberts wants to take part in his first dunk competition.

“I grew up watching the dunk contest. Now I want my part in it,” the high-flying McRoberts said. “It’ll be fun being in it if it happens.”

McRoberts played the part of Woody Harrelson’s character, Billy Hoyle, and Rush was Wesley Snipes’ character, Sidney Deane.

“We’re trying to get our man Josh into the contest,” Rush said. “It was fun taking part in it. Everybody should like it.”

The scene, which was filmed at McRoberts’ house, was from when Harrelson and Snipes are leaning on a graffiti wall at the end of the movie.

McRoberts and Rush ordered the clothes Harrelson and Snipes wore in the scene off eBay.

Pretty cool stuff.  This of course is all a moot point though as Blake Griffin will surely win the thing in one of the most dominant Dunk Contest performance’s of all time.

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