Buzz Bissinger Is Now A Sports Columnist For The Daily Beast

Always good to have one of the all-time greats writing regularly writing again.  In his first column at his new website, the Friday Night Lights author addresses Cam Newton and his father.  From the Daily Beast:

So Cecil wanted a piece of the action before his son’s college career ended, and the family deserved a piece of action: Call it an annuity, call it a financial derivative, call it a mortgage-backed security, but don’t buy into the treacle from the NCAA or lazy sportswriters that Cecil Newton somehow impugned the integrity of a game that hasn’t had any integrity since Robert Maynard Hutchins got rid of football at the University of Chicago in 1939, even though the school was in the Big Ten and Jay Berwanger had won the first Heisman Trophy four years earlier.

It’s actually unfair to call Cam Newton a whore. Let’s more accurately call him a slave to a system that is outrageous from any financial, or for that matter, moral perspective. Dozens upon dozens of major colleges, in their obscene obsession over college football and basketball even though it does not add a single thing to the academic experience—except members of the student body shellacking their torsos in school colors—take sickening advantage of their high-profile stars. They fill stadiums and arenas. Jerseys are sold with their names emblazoned on the back, worn by over-painted female fans with breasts that should know better. And yet the players don’t get a cut, at least as far as we know, which we don’t but for the rare example of isolated cases that go public.

The NCAA needs to get off its pedestal of false sanctimony that has become wearisome. Equally sanctimonious sportswriters, scarring the land with their predictable bellows of outrage, should just zip it as well—unless they care more about the pre-game spread in the press dining room and the secret fantasy of a big-time coach calling them by their first name.

This article has everything you’ve come to expect from a good Bissinger column: venom, sarcasm, wit, and dark humor.  We’ll keep you updated as more of his pieces come in.  We agree with him too by the way.  These guys deserve to get paid!

[The Daily Beast]


What Is “Cammy Cam Juice”? (Video)

Well CBS Sideline Reporter Tracy Wolfson tasted it during the SEC Championship game and described it as being “too sweet for her taste.”

Cam Newton approached her during the 4th quarter of the game and wouldn’t tell her what exactly was in there, but he went on to say it’s the “ingredients of champions.” Now take that as you will. Clearly it’s not just gatorade. So what the hell was in the gatorade bottle? Purple Drank? Pee? Who knows? Check out the video:

Check out Newton chuckling afterwards. Yo, Tracy Wolfson, You Got Punk’d!



Cam Newton Was Ruled Eligible Yesterday

Nothing much to analyze here except one question: if TCU wasn’t undefeated, would the NCAA still have ruled in his favor? From Fanhouse:

“Cam Newton has been ruled eligible to play by the NCAA, according to a Wednesday decision.

On Monday, the NCAA concluded that a violation of rules did occur in the pay-for-play scandal that has enveloped Newton, Auburn and Mississippi State, and forcing the school to rule Newton ineligible on Tuesday. However, schools are allowed to request a reinstatement, and Auburn’s request was granted without any conditions.

‘We are pleased that the NCAA has agreed with our position that Cam Newton has been and continues to be eligible to play football at Auburn University,’ Auburn Director of Athletics Jay Jacobs said. ‘We appreciate the diligence and professionalism of the NCAA and its handling of this matter. ‘

‘According to facts of the case agreed upon by Auburn University and the NCAA enforcement staff,’ the NCAA’s statement read, ‘the student-athlete’s father and an owner of a scouting service worked together to actively market the student-athlete as a part of a pay-for-play scenario in return for Newton’s commitment to attend college and play football.'”

So, a son who has an immensely close relationship with his father had no idea the man was trying to sell off his rights to a university?  An athlete who had been through the recruiting process once before really had no clue that he might be able to make a buck on the process?  I am totally buying that story.

[AOL Fanhouse]


#Auburn QB Cam Newton Is Really Screwed Now

From ESPN:

“Kenny Rogers, the former Mississippi State player who reported allegedly sought money to sign Cam Newton to a national letter of intent with the Bulldogs, said Thursday that Newton’s father, Cecil, put a price tag on his son.

Rogers, in an interview with ESPN 103.3 in Dallas, was asked if Cecil Newton ever told him how much money it would take to get his son to play for Mississippi State. ‘Yes he did,’ Rogers said. Asked how much, he said: ‘Anywhere between $100,000 and $180,000.’

Later in the interview, Rogers said he and Cecil Newton first talked after Cam Newton left Florida Gators following the 2008 season. In the course of their conversations, he said Cecil Newton told him ‘it’s not gonna be free this time.’

Rogers said he only was involved with Cecil Newton in regards to Mississippi State.”

It’s hard to say what the repercussions will be from this admission by Rogers.  I can’t help but want him to get suspended if only so Auburn loses and TCU will get a chance to play for the title.  Personally I have no problem if Cam Newton took money because I’m still on the side of college athletes getting paid.  He may not have even known about it.  It could just be his father is a con man who was exploiting his son.  However, there is no denying that the NCAA is not going to be pleased with this latest statement and a suspension is highly likely.