Video: Phil Mickelson Did The Most Phil Mickelson Thing Ever Yesterday

If he pars this instead of triples, he wins by one. If he would have gotten pars on both of the holes he tripled, he wins in a historic route. Hell, he could have dropped here and saved himself a stroke…


Video: The United States Won’t Be Going To The Olympics For Soccer Because Of This Tragic Goal In Penalty Time

I have a feeling that goalie will never recover. The silver lining here is that the Olympics only allows for U-23 players so it’s not like the US had their best players out there. But still…


Let’s Re-Live That Ronnie Brown Goal Line Fumble/Pass Attempt

Read below for a running diary…

:01 – The Eagles have a chance to really blow open the game in the first half. A touchdown here likely would have ended the game before it ever had a chance to get started.

:03 – Vick snaps the ball and right guard Kyle DeVan (#68) attempts to pull from the weak side to block for Brown. He trips instead providing a huge lane for Parys Haralson (#98) to fly through the line and break up the play.

:04 – As he’s getting spun to the ground, brown spies fullback Owen Schmitt (#32) to his left side and cocks his arm back.

:04.32 – Wait a second…

:04.68 – He’s not really going to…

:4.95 – Yes, yes he did. Ronnie Brown attempts to throw the ball to Schmitt.

:05.01 – The ball is out.

:06 – The 49ers recover.

:09 to :15 – The Eagles linemen start to collect themselves, coming to the realization that yes, in fact, Ronnie Brown did try to throw the ball while in the midst of being spun to the ground in a 360 degree motion.

:16 – Brown races to the sideline imploring Andy Reid to throw the challenge flag, giving a mock throwing motion as he does so.

:17 to :19.94 – Poor Mike Vick says the ball was down for an incomplete pass, not yet realizing that he will have to answer for the brainfarts of his teammates later at a press conference.

:25 – The head ref informs Ronnie Brown, “why yes, you did just cough up the ball on the goal line.”

:29 – Andy Reid is not really about to oblige Ronnie Brown’s request for a challenge, is he?

:30 – A red object appearing to be the challenge flag is spotted in Reid’s right hand.

:31 to :36 – Fox cuts to a replay of this latest Eagles catastrophe.

:37 to :40 – During the replay you can see Vick having an epic “WTF?!” body language shrug/shake of the head.

:43 – It’s official: Philly is challenging the ruling on the field of a fumble.

:44 to end – More awesome views of Ronnie Brown making a fool of himself on national television.