Good Morning Generation

I couldn’t be happier about the news yesterday that the Big 12 finally found some common sense and invited TCU to join the Big 12.  It ends more than a decade of being cast aside as a second citizen by the conference that should have included us over Baylor on that fateful day back in 1994 when the membership was finalized.  Since that time TCU’s spent the years wondering aimlessly from one obscure conference to the next, finally finding a niche in the Mountain West under the leadership of all-universe head coach Gary Patterson.

My immediate reaction of course had to do with validation.  Never again will the Horned Frogs have to fight for the scraps of their BCS counterparts.  Furthermore, I’m extremely excited of the prospect of getting to face schools like Oklahoma, Texas, and Texas Tech every year after the three have piled high a laundry list of excuses not to play us over the last couple years.  For those who didn’t know, they’ve all backed out of games agreeing to play TCU, most especially Tech which has done so in back-to-back years, even prompting head coach Tommy Tubberville to remark that TCU, “is not a program we want to be facing right now.”  Too bad Tommy.  We’re coming for you and the rest of the losers up in Lubbock. 

I don’t have any allusions about immediately going in and finding a ton of success.  In fact I think we’re going to struggle for the first couple years.  It’s one thing to be able to get your team up for one big game a year against a Big 12 team.  In fact Patterson had a ton of success doing so over the last couple years.  But to have to do it on a weekly basis is a whole other challenge.  I have no doubt though that this is an extremely good problem to have and that we’ll figure it out.  Don’tunderestimate Patterson and don’t underestimate this system.  That’s exactly what our school and our coach thrive on.

In the bigger scope of college football, I think this was an excellent move for the Big 12 in the long-term.  TCU provides a school that makes sense regionally, athletically, and academically.  Not to mention the historic rivalries that went along with the old Southwest Conference.  The reason I LOVE this move beyond my TCU bias is that I actually think we’re going to come to find that the super conference is not what’s best for college football.  The distances and costs associated with travel are going to drain conferences of resources and for someone like the ACC which just doesn’t do a good enough job in football anymore, that’s not something they’re going to be able to afford long-term.  I’ve been reiterating this point over and over during these past couple weeks: we have a precedent for super conferences.  It did not work.  It did not end well.  It led to teams leaving to form their own conference.  I predict that same will happen if the sixteen super conferences ever do come about.  Syracuse and Miami in the same conference?  Really ACC? Really??

A general rule that I’ve found to be true in life is that doing things in excess is never a good thing.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  Whether it’s drinking, spending, even exercising.  Taking things to the extreme is just not a good practice to follow in life.  It’s the same thing here with the super conferences.  I think we’re going to find out real quick that the models of the Pac-12 and Big 12 are actually far more desirable because they practice moderation.  Yeah the gross amount of money they earn per school might not be as much as some of their peers.  But as any good accountant will tell you, it’s all about the net money you earn.  It’s going to be far more profitable for the smaller schools that don’t have to split the revenues as widely, after expenses.  It’s also going to be a lot better situation for the athletes, oh by the way.  This is who the system is supposed to benefit, right?  They now won’t be forced to travel 2,500 miles on a Wednesday night for a few sets of volleyball and then fly all the way home.  This is a good thing.

For the first time in a very long time, it’s time we applauded the Big 12.  They got this one right and when they add BYU, Louisville, and West Virginia (while losing Mizzou), they’re going to have a hell of a conference.  It’s nice to finally say something nice about them again.

Generation Y, where there’s something oddly satisfying about watching A-Rod stike out to end a playoff series for the second year in a row.


TCU Set To Receive (And Accept) Invitation From Big 12

Finally!!!!!!!!!!! From Austin American Statesman columnist Kirk Bohls:

Big 12 presidents and chancellors have voted to invite TCU to join the league, should be finalized over next several days.

And here’s the official story from the Statesman’s website:

Big 12 presidents and chancellors voted Thursday morning to invite TCU as the league’s 10th member, two sources close to Texas told the American-Statesman. The deal should be finalized in the next few days.

Here’s additional confirmation from CBS Sports, which says TCU will accept the offer:

TCU has been invited to join the Big 12 Conference and is expected to accept the offer for the 2012-13 school year, college football industry sources told

TCU was scheduled to join the Big East on July 1, 2012, but instead will join the Big 12. By leaving the Big East before it officially became a member, the Horned Frogs will have to pay a $5 million exit fee but is not bound by the Big East’s 27 month requirement for notification.

The addition of TCU replaces Texas A&M, which is headed to the SEC. If Missouri remains in the league, sources said the Big 12 is expected to remain at 10 schools.

We’ll continue following this as it develops.

[Twitter via Kirk Bohnls, Austin American Statesman]


Report: Number Of Applications To TCU Spiked After Rose Bowl Victory

Gotta show some love to my Alma Mater, now that the official numbers are in.  Also let me brag for a second, despite being the most competitive class ever to get into in TCU’s long history, my little sister was among the few selected to attend this upcoming year and will be a Horned Frog in the fall.  She has a proud older brother awaiting her arrival.  From the Houston Chronicle:

A boost in applications indicates a growing number of young people want to attend Texas Christian University, including record numbers from outside the state.

A decade ago, about 5,000 potential students applied to TCU. But Ray Brown, the dean of admission, says a record 19,000 have applied to attend the upcoming fall semester. He says 61 percent of the increase was from out of state.

The university will admit only about 1,800 freshmen.

Victories on the football and baseball fields have raised TCU’s national profile, including a win in the Rose Bowl in January. But university leaders have also stepped up recruiting and marketing while making campuswide improvements.

Riff-ram baby!

[Houston Chronicle]