Video: Olympic Runner Nick Symmonds Runs The Beer Mile In 5:19

The Rules, according to Off The Bench:

“1. Beers must be at least 355mL and 5% ABV.

2. Drinking from cans or bottles only. No shotgunning, straws, or any other drinking aids.

3. Beers can be consumed anywhere in the 10 meters before, to the starting line, sort of like a relay exchange zone.

4. Vomiting = penalty lap.


Beer Service At Stadiums Is About To Be Revolutionized

Yahoo! Sports’ new online magazine The Post Game is off to a terrific start with some great reads about Florida coach Billy Donovan, Rudy Gay, and even Under Armour.  Now comes their greatest piece to date, an investigation into the way beer pouring is about to be revolutionized.  Coming soon to a stadium near you…from The Post Game’s Dan Wetzel:

In a moment of inspired American innovation, Josh Springer sat at a restaurant in 2009 and was struck with an idea that could one day be recounted in the Smithsonian. (Or at least be toasted by grateful sports fans).

Springer may forever end the dreaded stadium beer line.

“If I can be the person that does that, I’ll die happy,” Springer, 28, joked Tuesday.

Springer and his Montesano, Wash., start-up company GrinOn Industries have invented the “Bottom’s Up Draft Beer Dispensing System.”

It “pours” a draft beer nine times faster than traditional methods and dramatically reduces spillage. It’s so cool to see, it’s generated viral YouTube videos and dragged fans away from the actual events to stand around and watch suds get served.