An Atheist Group Is Convinced Tim Tebow Is “Full Of Crap”

I really don’t understand all these personal attacks on my quarterback. I get it if you don’t like him and, most especially, the constant coverage of him in the news, but is it necessary to go to this extent? From CBS 4 in Colorado:

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has seemingly made himself the poster boy for Christianity, praying on the field after a win, putting Bible verses on his eye black during games and even starring in an anti-abortion ad during the Super Bowl, but one atheist group believes he’s doing it all for personal gain.

American Atheists — a New Jersey based group that promotes the separation of church and state — tells that the only reason Tebow is popular is because he constantly injects his Christianity among the public.

“When we watch a sporting event, we are all united for our team,” says David Silverman, president of American Atheists. “Tebow takes religion and injects it into the mix and divides the fan base.”

Silverman states that Tebow’s repeated references to God into his post-game comments after a win is “bad for football.

“(Religion) injects the divisive force into football,” Silverman says. “Why in the world are we talking about religion when we are talking about football?”

Tebow’s popularity rose during the season with his improbable comebacks, the latest coming in a thrilling 29-23 overtime playoff win against the Pittsburgh Steelers after an 80-yard touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas.

The fascination over Tebow officially reached national heights when people across the U.S. started “Tebowing,” mimicking Tebow’s sideline prayers.

Silverman believes that Tebow is “full of crap” when he publically displays his Christianity on the football field and said his prayers are for publicity.

“It’s not that Tebow prays, it’s that he waits for the cameras to be on him to do it,” Silverman says. “He’s totally faking.”

Great way to win the public’s favor, with false and baseless accusations that have no evidence whatsoever.  Way to go American Atheists!


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