A Minnesota Zamboni Driver Was Arrested For Drunk Driving

#whitepeopleproblems From the Minnesota Star-Tribune:

Spectators, hockey players and parents pressed against the ice arena’s glass Monday night, watching as a Zamboni driver at the Hayes Arena in Apple Valley weaved across the ice erratically and smacked the machine hard against the boards.

About 25 minutes into what should have been a 10-minute job resurfacing the ice, the driver — a part-time employee of the city of Apple Valley — tried to maneuver the unwieldy machine into the arena garage. By then, coach Bryan Dornstreich had called 911.

Officers arrested the 34-year-old Apple Valley man for allegedly driving while intoxicated. He failed field sobriety tests and was taken to police headquarters for a blood-alcohol test. The sample was sent to the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension for analysis. Test results were unavailable Tuesday.

The man has not been formally charged. He was convicted of drunken driving in 2002 and twice in 1999.

Dornstreich, who coaches the Eastview Hockey Association’s PeeWee C team, said he’d noticed that the rink attendant’s eyes were red and that he smelled like the energy drink Red Bull before his team took the ice.

“He looked like I do when I have my allergy attacks,” Dornstreich said. “I didn’t really think anything of it. He didn’t slur his words. He was very alert, got me the keys, we set up the music system and I was on my way.”

Before the PeeWee C players, ages 11 to 13, took the ice, Dornstreich said he noticed that the rink attendant was “making stripes on the ice.” But the driver went back and corrected all his mistakes. After the game it was a different story, though.

While Dornstreich was working with a referee, a parent ran over to say that the rink attendant was “weaving all over, slurring his words.”

By the time that conversation was done, Dornstreich said, the man was already backing the Zamboni onto the ice. And not very well, Dornstreich said.

The coach made sure the referee charged with moving the nets off the ice knew what was going on, then concentrated on getting everybody else away from the glass. When police arrived, the man had gotten into the garage. The door closed and Dornstreich said he left the officers to deal with him.

Basic summary: the most dangerous thing about living in Minnesota is the occasional drunk ice-cleaning vehicle operator.  Noted.



Jay Mariotti Will Stand Trial

And the free fall continues.  From the LA Times:

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled Tuesday that former ESPN sports personality Jay Mariotti must stand trial on felony stalking and assault charges in connection with allegations leveled by his ex-girlfriend.

Judge Mark Windham ruled that there was enough evidence to hold Mariotti to answer on charges that include stalking, corporal injury on a spouse or domestic partner, and assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury.

Mariotti, who faces up to five years in state prison if convicted on all counts, has pleaded not guilty to those charges as well as to two misdemeanor counts of disobeying a court order.

Attorney Shawn Holley, who is representing Mariotti, said she brought two witnesses to court who were prepared to testify that the allegations against her client were “meritless and inconsistent with the physical evidence in the case.”

Yesterday on Around the Horn, host Tony Reali wondered out loud how Woody Paige had gained such a sizable lead in the career wins total on the show.  People forget that the guy who used to own that record was…oh yeah.  Sore subject.

[LA Times]


LeBron’s Mother Was Arrested At A Miami Hotel

So LeBron buys a stake in a famous English soccer club one day, then the next his mom gets arrested.  Does this woman have no sense of timing?!?  Can’t she do this stuff at the start of the season instead of when the playoffs are about to start??  Last year, right about now, the rumors started swirling about her and Delonte.  Just saying…

From NBC Miami:

The mother of Miami Heat star LeBron James was arrested for misdemeanor assault at a posh Miami Beach hotel, police said.

Gloria James was taken into custody after an incident at the Fontainebleau Hotel at 4441 Collins Ave., according to Miami Beach Police.

Police have not given the details of her arrest, but said she was released early Thursday morning. 

It isn’t the first time the mother of the NBA superstar has been involved with the law. She was arrested on DWI charges in Cleveland in 2006while LeBron was with the Cavaliers.

We’ll track this and update the story when we find out what happened.

*UPDATE* She allegedly assaulted a valet attendant after returning from a late night partying at around 5 AM.  Stay classy!

[NBC Miami]


Miguel Cabrera Was Arrested Last Night For DUI

He is of course the anchor of my fantasy squad in a highly competitive keeper league.  It got ugly too.  Horrible news. From the Orlando Sentinel via TC Palm:

Detroit Tiger and five time All-Star Jose Miguel Cabrera was arrested Wednesday in St. Lucie County on DUI and other charges after sheriff’s investigators spotted his vehicle on the side of the road with smoke coming from the engine compartment, according to records released Thursday.

When a deputy made contact with Cabrera, 27, before 11 p.m. Wednesday on Okeechobee Road, the deputy asked Cabrera who was with him.

“I am going to (expletive) kill him,” Cabrera is quoted as saying.

The deputy saw no one else in the vehicle or in the area. Cabrera, of Boca Raton, grabbed a bottle of James Buchanan’s scotch and started drinking.

So he was drunk driving, crashed his car, avoided arrest, verbally abused the officers, took a swig of scotch in front of the officers, and threatened to kill someone?

Do I just go ahead and drop him now?

[Orlando Sentinel via TC Palm]


Milton Bradley Was Arrested Yesterday

In related news, the sun rose in the east today and will set in the west.  From Yahoo!:

Seattle Mariners outfielder Milton Bradley is in trouble again.

Bradley was arrested in Los Angeles on a felony charge Tuesday morning and released from jail on $50,000 bail at around 5:45 p.m. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department booking records did not specify the nature of the charge.

The Mariners released a statement late Tuesday night saying they were aware of Bradley’s arrest. General manager Jack Zduriencik said the team was taking the situation “very seriously” and added that the Mariners “are in the process of determining the full circumstances of what occurred today.”

Bradley, a Los Angeles native, has a court appearance scheduled for Feb. 8.

I don’t know what it is about Bradley but the man is a magnet for poor decisions and disruptive behavior.  What team would possibly take a chance on him at this point?  Does he need to get Ron Artest on the phone?

He needs help, and fast.