Bob Griese Is Set To Retire…Time To Celebrate!

Usually you like to sit and praise a guy for a wonderful career.  I just can’t do it for Mr. Bob Griese.  He hasn’t been as relevant in the last couple years after being removed from ABC’s number one team for a racial comment he made on air.  Check it out if you’ve forgotten.

However, there was a time when he was the guy in college football and there was no color commentator more biased than Bob.  He hated the University of Nebraska, he hated the U, and he hated anything that didn’t come out of the Big Ten and Pac Ten.  It was a joke during the late 90s when his son Brian was the quarterback at a cowardly Michigan school that refused to play the best competition in bowl games every year because they believed a victory over inferior Pac10 teams in the Rose Bowl was somehow more prestigious.  There was no bigger proponent for this charade than Bob Griese.  A joke, all of it.  From ESPN:

Hall of Fame quarterback Bob Griese is retiring from broadcasting after 29 years, including the last 24 on ESPN and ABC.

“I’ve had a wonderful career and now it’s time to experience new things,” Griese said in a statement. “I’ve had many highlights along the way, from working the NFL’s Super Bowl and college football’s championship games to covering many of my son Brian’s games during his undefeated season in 1997. I want to thank ABC, ESPN and the fans for their support and all the men and women on our TV crews for their patience and support through the years.”

ESPN made the announcement Thursday on Griese’s 66th birthday.

Griese, a member of both the Pro and College Football Halls of Fame, worked ESPN’sSaturday noon college football telecasts the past two seasons. He started his TV career with NBC, serving as the top NFL analyst from 1982 to 1986 and calling the Super Bowl.

Griese worked many top bowl games for ABC and ESPN, including the last of son Brian’s career at the 1998 Rose Bowl, when Bob cried as Brian was honored as the MVP for undefeated Michigan.

Bob, you will not be missed in my neck of the woods.  I wish you and the rest of the ’72 Dolphins a miserable retirement and may you live to see the day that a team matches your undefeated season.