Peyton Hillis Will Be On The Cover of Madden ’12

It always helps when Packer fans intentionally vote against Aaron Rodgers because they didn’t want him to suffer the notorious Madden curse. That gimme victory for Peyton Hillis put him up against Michael Vick as the finalists in the Madden Cover competition. How Hillis beat Vick beats me.

Good for Hillis and the Browns, though. Who doesn’t love a good, tough white RB??

Whether or not there’s football this season, Madden will still be released. And this year they’re stressing realism as they’re incorporating concussions into the game. Should be interesting.


Video Of Aaron Rodgers Accepting The Championship Belt As Best QB In The NFL

Well not really. But after a season where he celebrated touchdowns with the nod to wrestling championship belts, this was pretty awesome. Watch him right off the bat motion for the belt and then around the 1:04 mark he gets the actual thing from a teammate.

Here’s hoping he has sixty of them made for him and his teammates like Rasheed did after the Pistons won the NBA title.


Super Bowl Prediction: Why The Steelers Will Win

by Eddie Moore

Alright, it’s about game time and we still haven’t provided our Super Bowl predictions just yet.

I’ll go ahead and start things off with mine:

Steelers 27 Packers 24:

Like most, I’m predicting a nail-biter. Unlike most, though, I’m predicting the Steelers to prevail. There are definitely a plethora of reasons to bet against Pitt: their Pro Bowl center is out; Troy Polamalu is still not healthy; the Steelers struggle against teams that spread their D out; GB excels in domes; and, lastly, Green Bay is the hottest team going into this game.

I don’t care. I’ll take experience, better coaching, a clutcher QB, and a more proven defense all day.

Everyone’s making the case that Green Bay’s WRs will exploit Pitt’s DBs because of the turf. Everyone saw Rodgers slice up Atlanta’s D in the divisional round, so people assume it’s going to be a very long day for the Pitt D.  It’s most definitely going to be tough, but the Steelers D is a completely different animal than Atlanta’s. How well did Rodgers perform in the second half of the Chicago game when a good defense made the proper adjustments? Dick LeBeau will be ready.

The Steelers are equipped with their own set of quick WRs, too. If you think Greg Jennings is going to be fast on the turf, then how fast is Mike Wallace going to be? I expect Wallace to have a big, big day today.

I still don’t trust Coach McCarthy. The Packers have been horrendous at closing games out, and that’s not going to fly against Coach Tomlin and the Steelers. Think about it: the Packers completely dominated the Eagles, yet they were one good throw away by Vick from losing the game. Fast forward to the conference title game and the Packers nearly blew a game to a third-string QB! You cannot give the Steelers second chances. (I know. It’s not like the Steelers are great at closing games out either. Just look at the Jets game!)

Let’s not discount the Big Ben factor. Sure, the line’s beat up and Raji and co. will be able to disrupt Ben for much of the day. Dare I say this could be a good thing? Big Ben’s always at his best when plays break down and he can make something out of nothing. Today’s set up for him to do a lot of that, and I think he’s going to excel. The game’s going to come down to the wire and if Ben has the ball with the game on the line we all know what’s going to happen.

It’s going to be battle (or at least I hope so). We get to watch two of the best QBs in the game go against two of the best defenses in the game. It’s going to be fun. I’m hopeful that the more proven QB and defense come through tonight, which is also why I’m betting Pittsburgh +140.


Aaron Rodgers Out Early With Concussion

Fantasy owners everywhere weep.  From ESPN:

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers will miss the rest of Green Bay’s game against Detroit with a concussion.

Rodgers was replaced by backup Matt Flynn late in the second quarter Sunday. On the Packers’ previous drive, Rodgers was slow getting up after being hit by Amari Spievy and Landon Johnson at the end of an 18-yard scramble. Green Bay took a timeout, then Rodgers took a sack on the next play.

Rodgers stayed in for the rest of the drive before being replaced. He also had a concussion in an overtime loss at Washington in October. He played the following week.

Horrible news for his owners as Rodgers carried a lot of guys into the playoffs and has left a ton of teams without their best player.  Just the way it goes sometimes I guess.  For every team out there who’s pissed off, there’s another team dancing in the streets.



Can The #Packers Survive Without A Running Game?

With the game tied at 3-3 late in the first quarter against the Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers stood in the shotgun with his five wide receivers spread wide on the one-yard line. With no HB present, it was obvious either a QB sneak or a quick pass was coming. The play happened to be a planned QB sneak, which resulted in a costly fumble by Rodgers that proved to be the difference in the game. The question here is: why did it even come to this? Most teams would have opted to get in the goal-line package and pound their running back or fullback right up the middle. Sure, Rodgers is a fantastic QB, and he’s more than capable of executing the QB sneak to perfection on most occasions, but there’s no need to sacrifice a QB’s body down on the goal-line. Except here they had to because they don’t have a running game. One thing was blatantly clear in Sunday’s 20-17 loss against the Falcons: the Flacons can run it; the Packers can’t. Michael Turner rushed for 110 yards while Green Bay’s Brandon Jackson rushed for a mere 26 yards on 10 carries. Is this major flaw going to derail the Packers’ hope of a Super Bowl run (or even their hope of making the playoffs)?

Despite this huge discrepancy in rushing yards, the Packers were right there until the end, though. Rodgers led the Packers on a magnificent late-game rally, but a subsequent personal foul call on the kickoff halted any overtime plans. The Packers aren’t any worse than the Falcons. Anyone who watched that game knows either team could have come out victorious. The Packers are equipped with a more talented QB (some may disagree), a better set of WR’s (Jennings/Driver/Jones > White/Gonzalez in my opinion), and their defense is considered superior. Without a running game, though, the question becomes, can the Packers beat the elite in the playoffs – if they make it? The Colts of the past have survived with a suspect running game, but because they had an MVP QB leading their squad, they were able to get by. Rodgers isn’t Peyton Manning, but he’s damn good. He’s proven that he can lead his team despite having a pedestrian run game. The Packers were an unfortunate fumble and an unnecessary personal foul away from defeating the now-considered “best team in the NFC” – on the road. Spectacular QB play and great defense can get you to the Super Bowl. The Colts, Patriots, Cardinals are past examples of that. I think the Packers have just that. With an unimpressive NFC, I think the Packers have as good of a chance as anyone to come out of the conference despite their apparent flaw.

So, readers, can the Packers overcome their obvious flaw and come out of the NFC?


Aaron Rodgers: Legitimate MVP Candidate?

by Eddie Moore

I know, it’s only preseason, but still. It’s hard to ignore Aaron Rodgers’ gaudy numbers this preseason (41-53, 470 YDs, 6 TDs, 0 INTs, 138 QB rating). He looks unstoppable, and  with his freakishly quick release I’m not sure what NFL team will be able to disrupt the Packers’ explosive offense this year. There are some offensive line issues, but the Packers addressed their tackle issue in the draft and their line already looks better. The Packers are loaded with offensive weapons (Jennings, Driver, Finley, Jones, Grant) and are equipped with an opportunistic defense. As of now they seem to be the trendy NFC pick for the Super Bowl, and it’s hard to argue with it. The Vikings definitely aren’t any better with the loss of WR Sidney Rice. We all know the about the infamous Super Bowl hangover that will probably impact the Saints. The Cowboys have looked nothing short of pathetic this preseason, and their offensive line and safety concerns will surely be reoccurring problems throughout the year.  That leaves the Packers in good shape going into this season. Rodgers has only impressed since taking over for Brett Favre, and he’s allowed Packer fans to easily forget the loss of their legend. For all the fantasy drafters out there, I suggest grabbing Rodgers with a 1st-round pick and watch him lead your fantasy team with an unbelievable statistical season. You may even be drafting this year’s MVP.

Let’s hear it readers, who will be this year’s MVP?