Why I Wake Up Early on Sundays

Chris Berman’s ESPN NFL Pregame Show? Noooooo……. Bob Schieffer!!!!

Here is a video of today’s most prominent TCU alumnus arguing against the BCS on a television platform that gets more viewers than any ESPN niche programming. Bob Schieffer graduated from TCU and still supports the Frogs to this day. He supports them so much that he will “lobby” for their inclusion in the BCS discussion during his prominent, national, Sunday-morning news program.

Using the the upcoming election as a backdrop, Schieffer builds the most convincing argument against the BCS that I’ve heard. Take a look!

(CBS News)


Random Post of the Day

This video is a couple years old but it is awesome. Baron Davis dunking on Kirilenko’s dumb face. I would have called it a posterization but nobody wants this dumb face on a poster.


Things We Learned From Last Night’s Heat Shellacking

1) The Miami Heat are absolutely absurd on defense – and it’s because of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade: Anyone who watched the beginning of last night’s game felt Dwight Howard was going to destroy the Heat offensively. He opened the game with some effective post moves – a nice running hook in the lane, a gentle mid-range off glass, then his obvious put-back dunk. Well, that dominance (19 first-half points) was transitory; Dwight didn’t score a bucket in the second half. He wasn’t the only one not to show up in the second half. The rest of his teammates combined to pour in an embarrassing 25 second-half points! Through three games the Heat have held their opponents to 35% shooting; opposing teams are shooting 26% in the 3rd quarter (including a 2-20 shooting performance by the Magic last night); and they just held their division rival to 70 points. When you have two of the most dominating forces in the game dedicating themselves to defense, it’s going to mean immense trouble for everyone. I anticipated a team that was going to put up 110+ per game and prevail offensively. So far it’s been the polar opposite. They’ve yet to put up 100. We all know the typical NBA cliche, “defense wins championships!” Their offense will start to click once they get accustomed to playing with one another, but as of now they’re winning games on sheer defensive effort…and that bodes well for the future.

2) Chris Bosh has to start proving to everyone that his offensive effectiveness in Toronto wasn’t an anomaly? I’m not doubting Bosh. I think he’s one of the better PF’s in this league, but he needs to start asserting more aggression when he gets the ball.  Too many times he receives the ball then gives a quick jab step and settles for a 15-18 foot jumper. Yes, he’s a great shooter and that shot will fall many times, but he needs to start trying to become a go-to post option, and that means he needs to develop some back-to-the-basket moves. He wilted in his debut against the Celts and he struggled mightily against the Magic. Defensively he’s been surprisingly effective, but I want to see Bosh demand the ball and go to work down low. Right now he’s playing skittish and that’s going to have to change if the Heat intend on defeating the cream of the crop of the NBA on a consistent basis.

3) Can the Magic win a title with their current squad? They have the most dominant big man in the game. That’s fact, so they’re never going to be out of it. But besides him I don’t see anyone else on that team who scares opposing teams. Obviously it’s extremely early in the season and I’m not going to panic, but when you look at the other top-three teams in the East (Bulls, Celtics, Heat) they all have legitimate number-two options. The Celtics are led by Rajon Rondo but they also have KG, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce to step up on any given night; the Bulls have Boozer and Noah if Rose struggles; and we all know who the Heat have. Once the Magic lost Hedo Turkoglu, they lost their identity on offense. No longer do they have someone who can create on their own or run the high pick-and-roll to perfection. The got rid of Matt Barnes for Q Richardson which is a clear downgrade. They didn’t make any notable improvements to their roster. I still like the Magic as a top-2 or top-3 team in the East, but I’m worried about how far they can actually go. Although it’s a huge stretch, I’d be calling the Hornets daily seeing what it would possibly take to lure CP3 away.



Von #Wafer’s Ridiculous Response Regarding Today’s Fight

Matt posted about the story earlier . Unfortunately we don’t have any video of the actual fight or the three-on-three game, but here’s some footage from a two-on-two game between them on October 24th that got a little heated:

Check out Wafer’s response to today’s fight, too:

I actually thought Delonte West was a great signing for Boston and I was intrigued to see how he’d mesh after serving his suspension. Well, it looks like we  won’t be able to see his impact on the court after all. No way the Celtics keep this maniac on board.

[Boston Globe]


More #Carmelo News

This from Hoopshype.com (and ESPN):

“Sources stress that the saving-money element is an underreported key here. The big problem with the original four-team trade was that Denver would have been forced to pay more than $5 million in additional luxury tax at season’s end after parting with Anthony, which longtime Nuggets owner Stan Kroenke, Josh’s father, found unacceptable. Sources said that the Nuggets have registered strong interest in Blazers swingman Nicolas Batum and would naturally be unable to resist if a trade scenario emerged that enabled them to acquire Favors, Batum and future draft considerations. But the Blazers, sources said, continue to tell the Nuggets and all other interested parties (and yes, it’s a long line) that Batum is not available. The Blazers do like Harris and almost crashed the September four-teamer with an offer to send Andre Miller to Charlotte to get the Nets’ point guard, who was originally Bobcats-bound. But the Blazers dread the idea of parting with the blossoming Batum, especially in a deal that the Blazers don’t end up with the best player.

Q: Don’t the Nuggets lose trade leverage every day that passes leading up to the Feb. 24 trading deadline? That’s a popular theory. It assumes that the Nuggets are doomed to field lesser offers as the deadline nears because the whole NBA will be able to smell their desperation. Yet, that’s only a theory. Another plugged-in rival executive swore that no one knows for sure, no matter what you hear he’s heard. The first exec would argue that the Nuggets could “actually gain leverage” by waiting, given that players who signed contracts over the summer become eligible to be traded Dec. 15, potentially adding several new names to existing trade scenarios. He also said he believes that the Nets are so determined to win the Melo Sweepstakes that Denver could easily go back to New Jersey in January, if nothing appetizing materializes in December, and still assemble a deal that would land them Nets rookie Derrick Favors and multiple future first-round picks.”

What’s intriguing about the Blazers being involved in a potential multi-team trade is that they just acquired an additional first-round pick from New Orleans from when they dealt Jerryd Bayless. As of now the Knicks are desperately in need of additional first-rounders since they stupidly gave away all of theirs to Houston last year. Is it possible the Blazers have a potential deal in place with NY to give them their additional first-rounder and to help them sway ‘Melo away from Denver? Portland would love nothing more than to get Carmelo out of their division and out of the conference.

Nicolas Batum (21) is an extremely underrated talent and at 6-8 he can play either the 2 or 3 and excels at defending most wings so it’s no surprise Portland is adamant about not dealing him. Andre Miller is disposable, though.  He and Brandon Roy seem to be on completely different pages right now (Roy wants the offense to flow through him at all times). I’d move him ASAP before anything escalates.

Back to the ‘Melo situation. Clearly NJ has a nice little deal in place if Denver so chooses to accept, but as mentioned above, Dec. 15th will be the crucial point in which we see more offers being thrown at Denver, and at this point there’s no rush for Denver to move him. I’d assume if the Knicks receive additional first-rounders and included, say, Anthony Randolph after the 15th then maybe something could materialize, but until then, folks, we can just relax with this ‘Melo situation.

As Matt previously mentioned, what’s the rush?! Maybe some team will impress Denver with a deal they can’t refuse…Doubtful, but it’s worth the wait.

[ESPN] [HoopsHype]


#Delonte West’s Future With The #Celtics In Doubt After Latest Fight

West is just a tragedy.  The dude has some serious mental disorders he needs help overcoming.  This wasn’t the first incident involving West getting into a fight with his own teammates this season.  From Hoops World, which broke the story:

“Less than one week after tempers flared during a two-on-two game in practice, Delonte West and Von Wafer had another altercation earlier this afternoon.

During a three-on-three game with Avery Bradley, Luke Harangody, Semih Erden and assistant coach Tyronn Lue, West began fouling Wafer each time the reserve guard touched the ball. West was increasingly physical to the point that Wafer exited to the locker room midway through the game. As he walked away, West barked obscenities and taunted Wafer.

After Wafer had showered and sat down at his locker, West approached from behind and threw a punch. Wafer didn’t see the punch coming but quickly got off of the ground and connected on two punches of his own. He then wrestled West to the ground before being separated by the team’s veterans.

Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce were very unhappy with the incident, especially since it occurred just hours before a game. Doc Rivers met with the players and tried smooth things over shortly after.

Sources close to the situation say that the Danny Ainge and the Celtics have grown tired of West’s confrontations with teammates and are considering releasing the point guard. West is on a non-guaranteed contract and his distractions could result in that deal being terminated.

West has gotten into skirmishes with multiple teammates this season and his confrontational ways have grown old very quickly in the locker room. He is currently serving a ten-game suspension after pleading guilty to weapons charges in July.”

I hope he comes out with a tell-all book at some point.  Everyone wants to know what happened with LeBron’s mom.

[Hoops World]