Video: Olympic Runner Nick Symmonds Runs The Beer Mile In 5:19

The Rules, according to Off The Bench:

“1. Beers must be at least 355mL and 5% ABV.

2. Drinking from cans or bottles only. No shotgunning, straws, or any other drinking aids.

3. Beers can be consumed anywhere in the 10 meters before, to the starting line, sort of like a relay exchange zone.

4. Vomiting = penalty lap.


Golf Magazine’s Toughest 18 Holes in Golf

From Golf Magazine: “Every course has a somewhat easy hole, right? The one you can count on for a par, or maybe even the occasional birdie, to break up a ride on the bogey train (or worse). Not on this course. Josh Sens introduces 18 of the hardest holes in golf. Be glad you don’t have to play them all at once.”

via Toughest 18 Holes in Golf.